Unboxing // Beauty Box 5 July 2016

“It’s so late, Lucy!” you exclaim. “It’s well into August, so why is this just getting up now?” Well, relax a little bit. I know it’s been a while, but I had some huge problems with my BB5 this month. My box went missing for two weeks, as in, no tracking info updates. This is very strange, because it usually takes only a week to get to me. So, I contacted Beauty Box 5, and they sent out another box (yay, good customer service). And as soon as they went to send me a second box, the first one starts moving again…

So, long story short, I got two boxes, but I’m only going to be sharing one with you (because they were essentially the same- I’ll tell you what was different in the second box).


This box contained:

  • Sweep Rose Gold Tweezers and Mini-Mirror. So, this is actually pretty nice. Given how often I lose my tweezers (and Boyfriend’s continual use of my nice ones because he can’t remember which ones I’ve asked him not to use), I love tweezers. The mini mirror is cute as a bonus! The tweezers themselves come in a little plastic tube to keep them in your purse (and now that I have two, I’m going to do just that). It is a pretty nice pair of tweezers though- they seem to grip pretty well. Retail value: $14 

Up close look at Moonlit

  • Beauty Box 5 “Can’t Stop Contouring” Round Blending Brush. I’m not great at telling what brushes are supposed to be used for what, but I suppose this one is meant to blend out contour or highlight? The handle is about that size, and the blending side is a little on the small side. Retail value: $10

Swatches from top to bottom: Moonlit eye shadow, Tantilizing Taupe eyebrow pencil, and Benefit’s Goof Proof pencil in #3.

  • Hikari Cosmetics Eye Shadow in Moonlit. This is the only item where my second box differs (I got the color Champagne). Moonlit is a dark sparkly shade, and Champagne (not shown) is, well, a champagne color. Pigmentation is okay. Some fall-out from first impression, but not bad. Retail value: $13
  • Skinny Tan Mini Mitt. A small mitt made for self tanner to use on the face or “small areas” where you want to be a bit more precise. How often do I self tan?  Ah well, you can’t pet every pug. Retail value: $4.95
  • Chella Eyebrow Pencil in Tantilizing Taupe. I got this same exact product in another beauty box- I believe it was my first BoxyCharm in May. The color is too light for me, although it does seem darker and maybe even a little bit cooler than Benefit’s Goof Proof Pencil in #3 (in the swatch picture). Retail value: $18.

beauty box 5 july 2016

Overall, I suppose the retail value of this box was there ($59.95), and it was cool that they were all full-size this month, but I was pretty underwhelmed in general. I think I’m getting tired of brushes (especially after all the brushes I got in June), tanning products still bother me, and now I have two extra Chella pencils, but because they came unwrapped, I’m unsure if I can even sell them at all. My overall personal value, being pretty generous honestly, came out to $14 (assuming somebody will buy the pencil for $2).

I believe August is my final month of Beauty Box 5 that I have pre-paid for. I really hope it’s better, but I’m really thinking about cancelling after this month.


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