Haul // bareMinerals Mystery Box

A little bit ago (July 20), bareMinerals had a $32 mystery deal, and of course, me loving surprises, I decided why not? Here’s everything that came in my box

  • Lash Domination Mascara, Super Mini Tube. This is like, smaller than a deluxe sample. It’s the tiniest tube ever! This seems great for when you’re travelling for a short amount of time and you aren’t checking a bag (so you need to really condense your liquids- yes, mascara counts as a fluid or gel, and here in the US, needs to be in your quart-sized bag). Unsure about value because I can’t seem to find an actual size here.
  • Foil packets: Skinsorials Normal-Dry Regimen containing: Pure Plush Gentle Deep Cleansing Foam, SkinLongevity Vital Power Infusion, and Bare Haven Essential Moisturizing Soft Cream. I actually took these with me to Portland, and I did like them (the cleanser was stripping, but the serum and cream were nice). Foil packets are fairly worthless though.
  • Prime Time Neutralizing Foundation Primer, 1 oz. Kinda weird, honestly. It’s very yellow (you can see a small bit of it on my hand and then blended out). It has a strange smell to it that I can’t quite place, and honestly I don’t think it will work well for me- it just makes me look weirdly sallow, I suppose? Just notice the clear difference between where I blended it and the rest of my hand. I can’t even find this exact shade on BareMinerals site, and I suppose they were just clearing out stock? Retail value: $24, I think.
  • Big & Bright Eyeliner in Espresso and Charcoal. Two kohl eyeliners in brown (espresso) and dark grey (charcoal) that come with a smudgey side. I also can’t find this on their site, so I’m thinking this was also “old stock.” Their other eyeliners are $16 each though. Retail value: $16 each for $32 combined, maybe.


    “Just the tip!” to show you the size 🙂

  • Pop of Passion Lip Oil-Balm in Crimson Pop. This is actually like a sheer lipstick in a nice pinky-red color- it looks very dark red in the tube, but ends up looking more pink on my lips. I do like this color and formula, especially because it contains great oils like jojoba, and doesn’t contain any shea. This product is on the website, but this color is not. Retail value: $16img_4856
  • Marvelous Moxie Gloss in Spark Plug. This one is a smaller, deluxe sample of their lip gloss. They call it a “dusty pink pearl” but to me, it pulls much warmer and looks almost like an orange red. Apparently this has shea in it, which seems very weird for a gloss… but whatever. I’ll have no problem re-homing it to my little sister, definitely . Retail value: $9. img_4857
  • All Over Face Color in Elation. Not sure why they call this an “all over” face color because it’s definitely just a normal pressed powder. It’s a peachy-pink shade (I have it opened to elf’s Tickled Pink (which I do NOT think is actually Tickled Pink- long story) and Tarte’s Entertain to get a better idea of it). It is a good blush though and I think will work well on me. It’s not on their website either (adding more fuel to the idea that this whole mystery bag was stock-clearing), but it is on Amazon, which is where I’m getting the value. Retail value: $15

    And let’s not forget about swatches of all of this! Both eyeliners swatches are blended with the sponge (towards the left).


    Top to bottom: Crimson Pop, Spark Plug, Charcoal, Espresso, and Elation.

  • Full Tapered Shadow and Blush Brush. Dual-sided brush where one side is blush and one is a flat tapered dome-side. Not on their website, but is on some swap sites and Amazon. Retail value: $11?
  • Precision Eye and Cheek Brushes, one black and one gold. Literally the same brush twice, but a different color handle. This is also very similar to the full tapered shadow brush, but the eye side is smaller and more like a smudge brush and the cheek side is angled. Also, not on the website, but is on Amazon. Retail value: $8.60 each or $17.20 total?
  • Cute champagney-gold sparkly bag. It’s in the background, behind everything else. No real retail value is given to this, but it’s my favorite part of this mystery box! It’s a great size for travel, great quality, and super cute.

Overall, the retail value on this mystery box was pretty good, even though most of these things I had to guess at. Ignoring the teeny sample/foil packets, the retail value came to $124.20, which is pretty good. Personally, I wouldn’t give it that. Just for the items I can use and how I can use them, I’d peg my personal value around, $40, which is still pretty good. I may try to sell one of the Precision Eye and Cheek brushes, and hopefully sell the Prime Time on r/MUE as well (that is, if anybody wants it). I’m slightly disappointed that this one was heavy on items I didn’t need (eyeliner, brushes), and I do wish this wasn’t a “clearing out discontinued stock” thing, but this is good to know for the future. I will most likely not purchase another bareMinerals mystery box, at least not unless I noticed an item I really liked being discontinued 😛


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