Unboxing // Fandom of the Month July 2016

This is my third and last Fandom of the Month box, and boy am I excited. The theme this month was Harry Potter, which is probably the only reason I signed up to begin with (I wanted some HP items so much that just the possibility of that being the theme excited me). I will post a three-month review / why I decided to cancel… eventually… but for now let’s just get to the unboxing!


All the items are shown above (sorry for the horrible quality/size). They seemed to focus on more of the Hogwarts aspect to the Harry Potter books, as evidenced by the various items. I’d like to believe this Harry Potter themed box was tied into the release of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, which is the “8th book” but is actually a screenplay. I’ve yet to decide if I want to read it… Moving onto the items. Specifically, we have:

  • Hogwarts Express Magnet. Possibly the most excited I’ve ever been about a magnet. The artwork is just beautiful in my eyes and this is one I’m happy, legitimately joyous, to see on my fridge. This has never happened before; I’m usually not one to care for magnets one way or the other.img_4833
  • Fat Lady Necklace. This necklace features a quite beautiful rendition of the fat lady portrait that guards the Gryffindor common room.It’s a “holographic” picture and if you move the necklace side to side you can see her “singing” (as she was known to do). I tried to capture the holographic look in the picture- it’s really quite entertaining! I’ve seen a lot of Harry Potter merchandise, but this is the first time I’ve seen Fat Lady jewelry, so even though it’s more of a “niche” item, I still like it a lot!img_4832
  • Hogwarts Castle Earrings. These small button earrings are super cute and something you can wear on a daily basis without having people look at you strange (which, let’s be real, if you wore a Fat Lady necklace on a normal day, people might want to ask about it). From a distance, they just look slightly pearly, and you have to look closely to tell what it is. Unlike the actual castle which is rather draconic, this is very soft, feminine, and light in appearance.  I will definitely be wearing these often (I even have them in right now).
  • Womping Willow Ring. I didn’t get a close-up of this one because it’s pretty straight-forward. It’s a cute, adjustable-size ring in the shape of the Womping Willow! It’s a nice bronze color, which I do like (bronze looks pretty good on me), but it’s a little bit cumbersome to wear and the points will definitely interfere with all the gloves I will undoubtedly have to wear at my new job. Like the Fat Lady necklace, this is definitely a niche item which I plan on just enjoying silently by myself.
  • House Crest Charm Bracelet. img_4831This is one of the coolest bracelets! This is a five-charm pewter-color bracelet that has the main Hogwarts crest in the center and the house crests off to the side (from left to right, the crests are Hufflepuff, Slytherin, Hogwarts, Ravenclaw, and Gryffindor). While I’ll admit that the color material used isn’t the greatest quality (Gryffindor’s actually looks orange in their house crest), it’s still awesome and I’ll still giddily wear this.
  • And it’s all in a cute muslin bag with a quote from the Sorting Hat on it. img_4830“You could be great, you know. It’s all here in your head.” In true geek fashion, this interested me a lot more than it should’ve- this is a small, fairly cheap muslin bag, but I will treat this probably better than I treat my phone because I’m ridiculously into Harry Potter. I could talk about why I love this quote (even though it’s not my favorite, I do love how it emphasizes the power of choice), but let’s just leave this post as is 🙂

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