Unboxing // Benevolent Beauty Box July 2016

I’m only a few weeks late on this, huh? 🙂 Better late than never though, right?
This is my third month of Benevolent Beauty Box, a beauty box that offers full-size products that are cruelty free, including the parent brands! You know how Urban Decay claims to be cruelty free, but they’re owned by L’oreal, which tests on animals? They aren’t allowed in this box! This is a great concept for those looking for some animal-friendly options, although not every item is vegan (for example, carmine in lipstick).

July’s box was a great mix of items, which included:

  • Earth’s Beauty Shea & Aloe Lipstick in Summer Quartz. This is a gorgeous color, but it’s incredibly (and I do mean incredibly) sheer. I had to swipe it ~5 times to get the color to show. It does contain shea butter, though, so I won’t be using this as is- but I think it would make a nice re-gift to my sister in a care package, since she likes fairly sheer/minimal makeup. Not vegan: contains carmine. Full size. Retail value: $15.95 
  • Medusa’s Makeup Electro Eyeshadow in Electro Purple. I apologize for how dark the picture is; I waited a solid three hours for the lighting to get better, but the sun never came out from under the clouds. The shadows don’t give this color enough credit, so I had to take a better pic of it independently. It is absolutely gorgeous! I can’t wait to wear it. Other boxes may have included Electro White. Vegan, but contains beeswax. Full size. Retail value: $8img_4963
  • Plain Jane Beauty Concealer Stick in Moonstone. This came in four different colors, with Moonstone being the lightest. It does look like it could work for me, although usually stick concealers have a hard time working on my skin. I’m still pretty excited to try it out though. Not only is this vegan, but it’s also petroleum-free (something I value, even if I don’t look for it) and silicone-free (something I’m neutral about). Oh, and instead of shea butter, it has cocoa butter! Which of course means I can use it. Most of the ingredients are organic as well. I really like the ingredient list, and this makes me excited to try more products from Plain Jane Beauty. Vegan. Full size. Retail value: $13.95
  • Mirabella Mineral Highlighter in Glowing Coral. I can imagine this as the most beautiful highlight on a darker, warm skin tone. No, really, I’m picturing it in my head on somebody I know and it just looks beautiful on them. On me, I can imagine this as a something in between a highlight and a shimmery blush (which is true for a lot of highlights), and it’s actually gorgeous. What I mean is this: I am in love with the look of this product, and I can see it working on many different skin shades. And also- that packaging is just amazing. Everything about this product so far makes me squeal inside. Not vegan: may contain carmine. Full size. Retail value: $40(!!!)img_4964
  • Face Atelier Lip Glaze Petite in Mystique. So this is something I’d call a “highly pigmented gloss.” It’s similar in texture and feel to the DIY tinted lanolin balms I make, but it’s more pigmented, which makes sense because I use only mica and minerals to dye, but this looks like it contains some lake dyes (eg, red food dye). Now, I didn’t notice it before, but this also appears to have shea butter, which is disappointing as is, but I’ll figure something out for it. It’s a great color, but I don’t know if my sister would use it because it is so bright and possibly conflicting undertones as well. Company has products that contain carmine, but this product does not. Appears vegan, but does contain beeswax. Full size. Retail value: $17
  • Makeup Eraser Mini. Oh, graciousness. I’ve been wanting to try this out!! The mini is more like a long strip of the same fabric the original is made out of, and for my purposes, I’m not sure I care if it’s a mini or a regular size, so I’ll go with it. I can’t find any real information about the material used, so I can’t comment on it’s vegan status. Full size for a mini. Retail value: $12

Before I get into value breakdowns, here are swatches of the products (without and with flash). Top to bottom, we have Summer Quartz, Mystique, Moonstone, Electro Purple, and barely visible is Glowing Coral.

benevolent beauty july 2017

I really enjoyed the curation to this box, even though I’m super sad that two of the products (both of the lip products) contained shea butter. I’ve said it before and I’m sure I’ll say it again, but I don’t fault beauty boxes for including shea products- it’s a pretty “rare” sensitivity as is and offers a lot of benefits to people who aren’t sensitive to it.

While this box had mostly lower-retail value items (my first box had a $75 item and last month’s had a few above $20), overall retail value came to be $106.90. I did give some personal value to the shea lip products (since they will be used as gifts) and my own personal value came to about $34- and this is me being kind of stingy on the highlighter because “I don’t need anymore!!” If the lip products didn’t have shea in it, I’d have given this box a higher value, closer to $40. This is overall my lowest-valued box, but I still think it’s great! I love supporting cruelty-free brands.


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