SftPF // Review of Revlon PhotoReady Airbrush in 001 Ivory

I know I haven’t been bothering with foundation posts lately, and I do apologize if you’ve been following these review posts. Given that I’ve started a new job, it’s been more difficult to try out new foundations, so these are going to be more scarce. But, I did get this one- and hopefully it will be helpful!

Product Information:
Revlon PhotoReady Airbrush Foundation in 001 Ivory
$13.99/30ml at Ulta; sold at various drugstores
Contains mixed SPF (chemical + physical)
Water and silicone formula
Pump top!

Application Information:
Pumped onto metal palette; dotted on face; spounced with RT sponge (not super thin, but not super thick). Some difficulty in blending.

Product Performance:
Before + After Pics:

 Shade + Tone: Okay. Slightly too dark, orangey/yellow?

While not awful, this is definitely a different color than ColorStay Whipped in Ivory, which bothered me. It’s passable in some light, but there’s a disparity between my face and my chest. To me, this looks more orangey/yellow or saturated, and yes, a little bit darker. I don’t know of any foundations similar, nor do I feel comfortable guessing at it’s Sephora ColorIQ (it can’t have one because it’s drugstore/not sold at Sephora). Overall not a great match on me, but it’s passable enough, I suppose, especially when blended.

A note on oxidation: I didn’t notice it visibly oxidizing throughout the day, but I did notice it was just more orange or saturated in natural light. I’m unsure if it just oxidizes very quickly, or if it’s naturally that color. Either way, I’m not sure it would fit very many skin tones perfectly- it doesn’t fit mine perfectly, as you can see.

Coverage + Finish:
 Medium to full, with a semi-matte finish- yet glittery.
Okay, so I know what you’re thinking. “Lucy, you’re crazy. Glitter is the opposite of matte.” And to that, I would agree when it comes to eyeshadows, but this is glittery-matte. See, shadows are inherently matte because they are powdery, and you add glitter to make them sparkly, or slight glitter to make them satin, but they still give a powdery look. Foundations are different because they can be dewy in formula, not requiring on chunks of glitter to diffuse the light to create that effect. When I say this is semi-matte but glittery, what I mean is that if you took out the huge chunks of glitter, you’d be left with a definitely matte finish (on my skin). It was drying and didn’t leave any moisture.

In terms of coverage, this foundation claims medium to full, and that’s about what I got- it slightly covered my darker freckles, but I didn’t try to build it up (or else that semi-matte finish would look just awful on me). It was in between medium and full coverage.

Look + Feel: Tight, slightly sparkly, kind of weird.
I already talked about the sparkliness, and I mentioned that the finish is more on the matte side if you took out the sparkles. It had difficulty fulling blending and ended up looking more powdery on me. It’s not nearly as bad as others, but it’s still not my favorite. It felt a little tight on my skin (not super breathable, I guess). I didn’t feel the need to get it off ASAP, but it wasn’t an enjoyable wear either.

Longevity: <8 hours

 I can’t remember exactly when it started to fade, as I didn’t pay enough attention, but I did take after pics about 8 hours after application, and in those pictures it was clearly patchy and weird, meaning this foundation lasted me less than 8 hours. It seemed to wear off of my chin, jawline, forehead, and corner of my nose first, and it got patchy and cakey around my mouth and cheeks. No additional sprays were used on it, and I didn’t prime my face ahead of time, but your mileage may vary, of course.

Would I wear this again?
This one is a little hard, because looking back on the pictures, they don’t look that bad. My first impression, though, is no, I wouldn’t wear this again (I even put this in my “destash” bin). In certain lights, it looks fine, but in daylight it looks kind of off. It has pretty good coverage, but it feels a bit gross on my skin, and I hate- absolutely hate- those sparkles. You can see the sparkles at the end of the day even when the rest of my coverage has completely gone away. The sparkles just seem to emphasize my pores. Also, lasting less than 8 hours is a big no for me. “Who wears foundation for longer than 8 hours, anyway?” Oh, just the person who works 12 hour shifts. Yeah, I need something longer lasting.


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