SftPF // $6 elf Studio Flawless Finisf Foundation in Porcelain

Product Information:
elf “Flawless Finish” in the lightest shade, Porcelain
$6/1 oz, available at elf online, Target, and other elf retailers
Comes in a pump bottle
SPF 15 (combo physical and chemical)

Application Information:
Applied with a damp Beauty Blender (the purple one). Tried to dip the BB into the foundation and spounce, but at much better luck dotting it on and then blending it out.

Product Performance:
Before + Afters:

Shade + Tone: Actually a decent match for my post-sun summery skin!

Ignore the purple all over my eyes and focus on the match! It seems to blend well into my neck, although at times it looked a hair too yellow and dark, but it worked well, actually!

Coverage + Finish: Medium; semi-matte to powdery.
While not 100% entirely matte, it was not dewy or shiny at all. I would call the initial application semi-matte, and over the course of the day it definitely became more powdery on me (in look and feel, actually). I’d give this coverage a medium- you can see that it definitely works to cover up a lot of my redness (note middle before/after pic), but it doesn’t cover up the freckles underneath my eyes, nor does it totally cover up my cheeks (yay natural blush?). However, it’s more coverage than a lot of other products I’ve tried.

Look + Feel: Feels pretty nice, but looked a little powdery
The most remarkable thing about how this feels is how unremarkable it felt. It didn’t feel too tight, the way a lot of matte or full coverage foundations might. I could tell I had it on, but it wasn’t noticeable unless I wanted it to be noticeable. While It looked pretty good as well, it did have some “spots”- not 100% great quality, but here are some closer-ups (slideshow view just so it hopefully enhances texture). I’ve definitely had worse.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Longevity: Decent, probably ~8hrs but didn’t keep careful track (sorry)
So here’s the thing: I put this on at around 11:30, and then I went out Pokemon hunting. I was outside for about 2 hours, getting dust all up in my face. This held up pretty well, but I forgot to take pictures because my phone was dead from Pokemon. At about 8 or so at night, I brought my phone out to take pictures with Boyfriend, and I forgot about my foundation completely.In the pictures, my face still looks great. I would show a pic, but I want to respect his privacy! Loss of coverage- yes. But it also stopped looking at powdery!

So here are a few pics instead of me post-pokehunting, one indoors and one in my car. Still looking great, right? 😀

Would I ever wear this again? Yes!
While not 100% totally enthusiastic about it, I would wear this again. I was a bit conscious, worried that it would oxidize or be a noticeable mis-match out in the sun. It was fine though. At least from a normal distance, it looks perfectly passable (nobody is going to be right up close to my face except little kids and my boyfriend). It was only $6 and performs better than I expected. My biggest concern, though, is that in a couple months, we’ll be getting snow, and my skin will become more pale, and then this won’t work.


One thought on “SftPF // $6 elf Studio Flawless Finisf Foundation in Porcelain

  1. Jenna says:

    This is actually one of my regular go-to cheaper foundations (the other one being the Maybelline “Fit Me” line), and I know it’s kind of beloved around the online makeup junkie community for the reasons you describe. I must have bought and gone through at least six or seven bottles. Porcelain is my shade as well, though it’s not always a perfect match, and I think that’s my biggest beef with it– e.l.f. is in dire need of adding more variety to its foundation shades.

    The other issue I tend to run into is with the pump. I don’t know if e.l.f. has addressed the problem or not, since I haven’t run into it in the last year or so, but their pump bottles are a little notorious. If you have a working one, be sure to hang onto it until you get your next bottle. There’s always a chance that you’ll buy one with a pump that doesn’t work, and you’ll need to clean and reuse your old, working pump instead. You can alternatively just pour it out, but with it being so thick, I definitely prefer to use a pump with my bottles until I get down to that last little bit you have to dig out with a concealer brush.


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