Unboxing // Julep August 2016 (+ Customer Service Updates)

It’s soooo much later than I typically post, but I have a good reason- Julep messed up. Not one, not twice, but three times. Let me explain.

This month, I chose to include their No Excuses sunscreen. Why? Because sunscreen is super important and I’m always looking for one that plays nice with my skin and foundation. This looked like a gel/watery type, and I figured… yes! That might work great! Well, on the 27th, I got an email stating that there were production issues and the sunscreen would be shipped out separately (mess up #1), and on the 8th, I got another email saying that the product couldn’t be released at all for a while (mess up #2). Also, when the other items came in my box, an item was missing with another one in it’s place (mess up #3).

So yes- this Maven month has been a bit troublesome, and thus, my unboxing post is a little bit late so I could include customer service updates as well, which I will talk about during and after the unboxing.

The initial unboxing:

  • Rethink Your Shower?? This was the item that came in my box that shouldn’t be there! I didn’t order it- I ordered a brow product instead. I really do like this shower oil enough to use it, but I have probably 85-90% of my one bottle still (since I’m also going through another open body wash). I contacted customer service about this, and they are letting me keep this shower oil and they sent me the actual ordered product. So, score!
  • Note the absence of sunscreen ):
  • Foot File. This was actually an add-on with this months’ box- it was pretty cheap, but with how cracked and peely my feet are, I figured it was about time.
  • Polishes- one with my box, two add ons, and one “free gift:”
    • Alysha: This is the sparkly purple. It’s a gorgeous color! This one was in my box.
    • Francine: This is the greenish one that they call “seaglass.” It is remininscent of the sea, IMO, and very gorgeous. Add-on.
    • Tali: The cornflower blue one (they call it “glacier breeze.” Add-on
    • Spencer: This is that very gold color and was the free gift.

Of course, I swatched these polishes before adding them to my collection. One coat really goes a long way with these ones and they are all so pretty IMO.

The “second” unboxing: After I contacted customer service about the missing brow product, they re-sent it. It arrived in about a week from when they contacted me back (took them about a day), which is good turn-around time in my opinion, especially given that they let me keep the shower oil. I got the Don’t Leave Your Brows At Home in the shade Cool Brown.

It is a brow brush that has two caps- one is the brush side and the other is the “powder side,” which looks like this:img_5202

The powder side is like a pressed powder that looks pretty creamy and doesn’t feel powdery even on the brush.The brush seems to be good quality and the product appears easy to apply. Here are some swatches of the color:

First one is it alone. The second picture has Benefit’s Good Proof pencil in #3 above it. Directly below the Julep product is Chella’s pencil in Tantilizing Taupe, and the bottom swatch is Benefit’s Gimme Brow in #5.  You can see that the cool brown is not very dark. I was worried their darker product would be too warm for me, but honestly I wish I had gotten it because I don’t think this shade will work for me at all, unfortunately, since that Gimme Brow works great on me.

Customer service update regarding the sunscreen: the first time they said there was a delay, I wasn’t honestly happy with the solution, which was to be billed full-charge and then have the products shipped via expedited shipping. I don’t really like to pre-pay for items I don’t know when they will be ready (which is why I don’t pre-order), but oh well. When they contacted the second time, stating that the sunscreen couldn’t be released in soon at all, they had a much better solution: $50 to the shop (on anything you could want, including Secret Store). To me, this seems super generous. I have a code that I believe is a specific, single-use code that will take up to $50 off any order, and I’m excited to use that at the next Secret Store.

I know this unboxing was way more wordy. I’m overall very happy with Julep’s customer service, and I just wanted to be able to express this to everybody!


One thought on “Unboxing // Julep August 2016 (+ Customer Service Updates)

  1. Jenna says:

    I suspected, considering what happened with their SPF lip sheers, that something like this might happen with the sunscreen, which is why I held off for the first month on trying it. I hate that they weren’t able to release it soon enough. I was looking forward to some reviews on that, and I do still want to try it when they finally get it released. Honestly, between those two incidents, they really need to be more careful with new releases going forward and make sure that they can fulfill those orders. The last few months have not reflected well on them in that regard.

    That said, I couldn’t be happier with that customer service response. That’s above and beyond what I’d expect, considering that 1/3 of a Maven box is roughly $6-8 in value. Their CS has never disappointed me, and that’s really what keeps me as a customer happy with them. Stuff goes wrong. I expect it to happen on occasion. How the company handles it is what really makes the difference.


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