Swatches // Romantic Bear Cheap Peel-Off Lip Stains

know I’ve been talking about lead in cosmetics, so it’s probably funny that I’m showing off swatches of a lip product that I don’t even know what the lead content is like (as far as I know, this is a Chinese product). But honestly, I’m not super concerned about it primarily because I don’t wear stains often. These lip stains are very similar to the Berrisom Oops! My Lips, and because they aren’t attempting to counterfeit (since it’s labelled differently), I don’t feel bad for buying this and not the “original.” To clarify: for me, dupes are perfectly fine, but I don’t want to support purposeful counterfeiting (eg, claiming something is from Urban Decay when it is not).

All of that aside, let’s talk about the product! I actually ordered these from the Wish app , probably about 2 or 3 months ago. They were $5 for the pack of 6, I believe. They hadn’t come after a month, so Wish issued me a refund- and then, somehow, they show up a month later.  I had previously ordered a single peel-off one in the shade “Cherry Red,” but Wish sent me one from the brand “Zesgood,” despite advertising Romantic Bear- so be aware purchasing from Wish. They are on Amazon and eBay as well, if you wish to purchase them yourself, with prices ranging from $4-$10 for the set of 6, so they are very affordable. The pack of 6 contains the colors: Rose Pink, Lovely Peach, Watermelon, Sweet Orange, Sexy Red, and Cherry Red (in that order in the below pic)

Each tube is a 12ml squeeze tube. The product comes on thick and dries at a moderate pace (not super slow, but definitely not fast). It dries to a vinyl feel, like a peel-off mask but thicker. You then peel it off, and it leaves a stain behind. It’s quite fun but very messy!

All the colors swatched- this is the stuff as it comes out of the tube, before it dries.

Peeling off the dried stuff- top one is peeled, second one is peeling, and the bottom two haven’t been touched yet.

The stain it leaves behind is actually quite nice! Note: I have really bad lighting today for some reason, so the first is with pretty low levels of artificial light that supposedly mimics daylight (but obviously doesn’t do it well), whereas the second is with my phone’s flash. You’ll notice that in the swatches, there are 7 colors, while the Romantic Bear set comes in a pack of 6. The last swatch is actually that Zesgood one I mentioned. I wanted to compare the Zesgood one with the Romantic Bear

Top to bottom, we have:

  • Rose Pink
  • Lovely Peach
  • Watermelon
  • Sweet Orange
  • Sexy Red
  • Cherry Red (Romantic Bear)
  • Cherry Red (Zesgood)

With regards to the two Cherry Reds, you’ll notice that while their packaging is nearly identical, the actual product color is very different! The Romantic Bear Cherry Red color is definitely more red and darker than the Zesgood, which looks very pink.

Because the application is so messy and the product is so thick and sticky, this stuff is very hard to actually use. It also tastes awful, which is especially irritating because this stuff is so thick and messy that you will inevitably taste it. The colors are nice though, and even with the Nyx Be Gone Lip Color Remover, the stain does last… but this isn’t necessarily a good thing if you can’t control application. If some gets off of your lips, you’ll have that mistake all day. IMO, these make a very nice “novelty gift,” but I probably will not use them often simply because they’re difficult.

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