Swatches // Urban Decay Moondust

So, here’s the thing: I’ll admit that Urban Decay is not my favorite brand for eyeshadows; their shades a usually very glittery and have some fall out to them… I like them, enough, but I don’t own any of their basic palettes because I opt for other brands. So why did I get the Moondust palette?


I can’t totally answer the question because I’m not sure. I got it not long after it released from Ulta, during a 5x points perk. The shadows are all very, very glittery, and the palette contained 8 mostly different shades that aren’t super coherent. Unless you are very adventurous, this isn’t a stand-alone palette. The colors are really cool looking, though, which I think is part of why I grabbed it. Plus, with some Glitter Glue (or any glitter primer), I have had good success with the shadows.

But I’m here to give you some swatches and a quick overview of the shades, so you can determine if this is the right palette for you.

Note: in the swatches, they were taken with a finger, not with a brush, and of course one is in low levels of natural light via a window and the other with flash. From top to bottom (and left to right on the palette), we have

  • Spectre. Oh, what a disappointing shade. As beautiful as it looks in the pan, it offers such poor pigmentation. This is a warm pink with some peach to it. I’ve had luck using a wet brush to apply it since taking the swatches, but it’s still a bit disappointing (especially when I don’t have time for all of that during the morning), especially because it had a pretty good texture dry.
  • Element. In the pan, it looks a lot more pink- it’s more of a coppery color. To me, this one was very glittery and had quite a bit of fall out. I don’t use this one much.
  • Magnetic. A dusty purple, mid-depth, and a bit sheer.
  • Lightyear. This is a super, super green color. It reminds me of the 90s, which reminds me of Toy Story, which reminds me of Buzz Lightyear, but otherwise I don’t see the name?
  • Granite. As the name suggests, a medium dark grey. The sparkles are a bit misleading when it comes to depth, as it does swatch darker to my eyes than it looks in the pan.
  • Lithium. This is a medium bronze, definitely a bit warm, with gold sparklies.
  • Vega. Medium dark blue, nice and cool. Pigmentation isn’t great (which is true of this palette over all) but when applied wet it works better.
  • Galaxy. This is as black as this palette gets, but it’s still grey. Darker in depth than granite, and honestly a bit too dark for me. There is a hint of green (perhaps teal?) in the sparkles.

As I mentioned before, UD shadows are prone to fall-out for me. I found these shadows to be easier to blend out with slightly less fall-out that loose glitters, which is truly the appeal.

This palette, to me, is for the glitter-lover who hates dealing with loose pigments. Alternatively, for the person who wants to incorporate more glitter, especially colorful glitter, into their makeup and wants a range of colors (this offers purple, blue, green, and pink, as well as some dark colors and bronze). I would not consider this a good palette for an eyeshadow novice but rather a good palette for the person who has used a few glitters, liked them, but wants a palette form and wants different, fun colors. Otherwise, there doesn’t seem to be a lot of use for this, as it doesn’t work great as a standalone palette. It’s $49 for 8 shades, and the overall size is fairly small when compared to their most common palettes, with each shade weighing in at 0.7g. Moondust singles go for $21 for 1.5g. The palette is $8.75/gram and the singles are $14/gram, so the palette is more cost-efficient… if you like the colors. That said, their normal singles go for $19 for 1.5g ($12.67/gram) and their Naked palettes go for $54 with 12 shadows weighing in at 1.3g ($3.46/gram).

Also, as a reminder, Urban Decay still has several other palettes on sale right now (if you like UD shadows).

  • UD XX Vice Ltd Reloaded. $34. 20 shades at 0.8 grams/shade. $2.13/gram.
  • Electric Pressed Pigment Palette. $24. Ten pressed pigments, 1.2g/shade. $2/gram
  • UD | Gwen Stefani. $25. 15 shades at 1.4g/shade. $1.19/gram.
  • Vice 4. $39. 20 shades at 0.8 grams/shade. $2.44/gram.

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