Haul // $26.50 Walgreens Haul (Budget Buying)

I have a good system set up with Walgreens. I use the NuvaRing, and I use Walgreen’s auto refill to tell me when to take it out. Essentially, when I get the email that my Rx is filled, I know it’s time to take out the old ring, thus marking the beginning of my period.

This means that when I go to pick up my new rx (on the same day), I’m moody and want to shop. The truth is I hardly go shopping in stores, especially to Walgreens, so I will usually pick up chocolate and other PMS needs. This month, however, I only felt like buying beauty products. With my new budget (and the fact that I feel like I’ve tried everything these days), I wanted to shop a bit smarter… and I’m oddly pleased with myself.

This month, I hauled:

  • Pantene Pro-V Expert Conditioners (Age Defy and Intense Color). I go through so much conditioner that it’s honestly a bit disturbing. I picked these two up because I had a coupon and I’m always looking to try new hair masks and conditioners, especially because I can’t seem to find my favorite one around anywhere. These were $5.99 each, but I had a $10 off 2 coupon, making each one $0.99!!
  • Gillette Venus Swirl Razor (1 Cartridge). Awkward story time! I tossed my old razor head as it was starting to dull, but when I went to replace the cartridge, I realized I only had Gillette Venus cartridges but my old razor handle was a Schick HydroSilk one… which meant it didn’t fit. I saw this on sale and decided to try this one out, especially because my old razor handle looked… kinda gross. If you guys are interested, I can do a review of this razor eventually.  While this is regularly $10.99, I got this for $6.49 on sale, plus I had a $3 coupon, meaning I paid $3.49 for this!
  • CoverGirl Ready Set Gorgeous Concealer in Fair. So, when I saw this in the store, it looked so light and I thought to myself, “This may be a wonderful pale drugstore concealer!*” and I put it in my cart. This one was full price at $8.79, but I had a $1 off coupon, bringing it down to $7.79.
  • CoverGirl Continuous Color Lipstick in Midnight Mauve. So, CoverGirl was BOGO 50% off, so naturally I needed to get two products, and I actually really wanted to try this color anyway (since I do have a think for Mauve lipsticks). It had actually been sitting in my online bag from Walgreens for a week or so. Got this one for $2.99 with the BOGO, but with another $1 off coupon, it was brought down to $1.99.
  • Maybelline Fit Me Blush in Light Pink. I’m still looking for a decent enough “match” for a friend who loves a particular higher-end blush but can’t afford it; this one looked like it might work, so I decided, why not? This was part of a BOGO 50% off with another Maybelline product, too. Regularly $5.49, but after half-off became $2.74
  • Maybelline Super Stay Lipstick in Til Mauve Do Us Part.  I chose to include this one because I saw it said Mauve and thought “this might be the color I’m looking for!” Plus, the BOGO deal. There were some other lipsticks I thought would also work, but I hadn’t tried this formula and thought it might be nice to try with my long work days. Regularly $8.49, and I did pay full price- no coupons available. 

Now, if you add it all up… I paid $26.48. If I had paid full retail price for everything, it would’ve been $51.73, so I had a savings with the sales and coupons of 49%, which is awesome enough as is… but then, I also earned points.

Walgreens always does the 10 points per dollar spent, but let’s ignore that because 260 points isn’t much to write home about. When I filled my Rx, I was given two coupons for points- one was for that day, and you get 5,000 bonus points if you spent over $15. There was also a promo where if you spend $20, you get 7,000 bonus points, and if you pay using Visa, you get an additional 7,000 bonus points (this promo has since expired). I used my Visa card and that coupon, so I ended up earning an additional 19,000 points (which is worth $19 if you use the lowest tier for points value). If I buy another $19 worth of things, that means I’d pay $26.48 for a total of over $70 of stuff… a great discount.

Needless to say, I’m very pleased. I currently have 103,830 points (I save them up). You get $50 for every 40,000 points (making 19,000 points worth $23.75- an even better value, so I have several opportunities for point redemption soon. I’m still not sure what I want to get though.

*Note: I did take swatches next to some other drugstore concealers, and I will be posting them sometime soon! I want to be able to do a full-day “first impression” review, since I don’t do those often for concealer, but it’ll be included in that. I will say this: it IS pale!!

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