Haul // Julep Secret Store (August 2016)

The Secret Store is opening up soon for September, and with all the content I’ve been setting up, I figured now would be a good time to show those of you who maybe aren’t familiar with the Secret Store what I got last month (for August). I ordered two sets this month- here’s what I got!

  • Exfoliate Everywhere: Set of two konjac sponges, $12.99 for both (42% maven savings)
    • Konjac Sponge Facial Sponge. This is the black charcoal konjac sponge that fits in the palm of your hand. This is my third black charcoal konjac sponge from Julep because I love them. I use them for about 3 months before I replace them, so this is a bit of a preemptive purchase (I believe I have another month let in my current one). Normally, these are $12 non-maven or $9.60 as a maven.
    • it’s fun to exfoliate Black Charcoal Body Sponge. I’ve been wanting to try this- it’s essentially the same as the facial sponge but GIANT. I currently use an Asian Clay Dew Puff for my shower sponge, which is slightly bigger than the facial sponges from Julep, but this one is SO BIG that I’ve been really interested in it- I think it would wash me a bit better because I’m sure I miss spots with my smaller sponge. $16 for non-mavens or $12.80 for mavens
  • Gone Jellyfishing Trio: Three nail polishes with jelly formulas.. $11.99 for all three (64% maven savings)
    • Naveena. This is a super pretty teal (“jungle teal”) that has a shiny finish. While this doesn’t say “jelly” on the bottle, it does have a bit of a jelly finish to it and requires the “work” of a jelly polish (just a textural thing). Normally $14 for non-mavens or $11.20 maven price.
    • Tomi. Gorgeous blue that’s a bit on the muted/dusty/grey side. Is “holographic,” meaning there’s a lot of little glitter in it which is something I love. It’s also a jelly finish and texture, but doesn’t say “jelly” on the bottle, and it appears a bit easier to apply than some other jellies. Normally $14 for non-mavens or $11.20 maven price.
    • Ming. Out of all of them, this is the only one that actually says it’s a jelly on the bottle. It was the hardest one to use, and despite it’s beautiful lavender pink color, it’s quite sheer. They call this color a “sheer wild orchid,” and the swatches online seem true to life to me. Normally $14 for non-mavens or $11.20 maven price.

And now, a word about Secret Store. If you aren’t sure what Secret Store is, I wanted to just touch base about it. Secret Store opens up to all Julep Mavens a few days after the Maven Box Selection closes (usually around the 27th-1st). As far as I can tell, you get access whether or not you take your box (meaning you can skip your box and still get access to the Secret Store), although historically if you skipped your box, your access to the store is a couple days late. The store is only around for about a week. Each month, the selection differs. Julep places heavily discounted sets in the store, such as nail polish duos and trios, tonal or themed makeup sets (for example, a set with a golden blush/bronzer, gold gel eyeliner, and a gold eyeshadow), or skin-care sets. Sometimes they have sets of two of the same product (eg, two of their facial cleansing oils). If you are a maven, it’s definitely worth looking into!

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