Life Update // A Loss.


I know most of my followers will ignore this post because it isn’t “typical,” which is fine. I just want to put this out here for those who may read or want to know… but also for me, to share this with others and maybe feel a little more support.

My paternal grandpa became very sick a couple Mondays ago. He was admitted into the hospital with pneumonia which had gone septic, meaning the infection was everywhere. A few years ago, he had lost his wife (my grandma), and he’s had several health problems during this last year. He was incredibly incoherent. We opted for hospice care. He was transferred to a cute hospice home where a nurse visited to make sure he was as comfortable as possible. He couldn’t talk much, but he seemed to hear what we all were saying.

On Thursday, 8/25, he passed away.

I will admit- he and I weren’t super close. No real fault there; he lived in Oregon and I lived in Washington. I came later in my dad’s life, and he and my grandma were well into retirement at that point. We visited sometimes, but often did not have any other destination down that way, so the “passing through” visits I had with other family members didn’t exist with them. Even still, I have memories of American Girl dolls, picking blueberries, lemon meringue and rhubarb custard pies, climbing on a the climbing tree, more dogs than I can remember, the basement kitchen, creepy dolls, Science News magazines (the reason I love science as much as I do), Native American memorabilia, a pipe burn in the carpet in the office, and jingling Grandpa’s pants in his closet for loose change.

When my Grandma got sick originally, the transitioned from their house up to where my parents live. They had a nice apartment at an assisted living facility, where even though Grandpa was hard to understand, I still spent some time there. Cleaning his car, weeding his yard, or planting flowers in pots for his patios, I was happy to have him close by; I was happy to serve him, to show him love.

I’m still processing the loss.


Thank you, Grandpa, for letting me part of your life.


(PS- he was a pediatric neurologist… similar to what I want to be)


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