Haul + Swatch // Sephora Favorites Give Me Some Lip (Aug 2016)

Sephora periodically comes out with the “Give Me Some Lip” sets, and they do change up the products in each set, so for reference, this set was released in August 2016 and comes in a cute Easter purple lip-shaped box. I decided to get this for a few reasons: I wanted to try out 4 of the formulas anyway, one product I already have a DS of and really like, and the last one- well, who doesn’t like tinted balms? For $28, it seemed like a steal to try out 5 new lip products + get a second of one I love. Plus, I got a bonus lipstick as a free gift, so it ended up being $28 for seven lipsticks, or $4 each!

Cute packaging, although I wish I could take off this stuff up top so I can re-use this box!

Before I totally talk you into it, though, let me give some first impressions, because honestly, I don’t think this set is right for everybody.

When you first open up this box, it looks like a mess… presentation isn’t very pretty. The crinkle paper is… okay… but it’s like they didn’t pack enough of it, so some of the products were mixed up into the paper and I had to “fish” them out. Nitpicky, but it just kinda bothered me that it looked so messy!

All of the products, those that are twisty or sharpened are shown open and twisted up a bit to get an idea of bullet shape. From left to right, this set includes:

  • Kat von D Studded Kiss Lipstick in Lovecraft. This sample is 1.13g. Full size 3g for $21, so this is valued at $7.91
  • Smashbox Always On Liquid Lipstick in Stepping Out. Sample is full size; retails for $24.
  • Too Faced Melted Liquified Long-Wear Lipstick in Chihuaua. Sample is 4.53ml. Full size is 12ml retailing for $21, so this is worth $7.93
  • Nars Satin Pencil in Rikugien. Sample is 1.41g. Full size is 2g for $26; this sample is worth $18.33
  • Fresh Sugar Rose Tinted Lip Treatment. Sample is 1.98g. Full size is 4.25g for $24, so this is worth $11.18
  • Lancome Juicy Shaker in 313 Boom-Meringue. Sample if full-size at 6.23g and retails for $21.

Overall, based off of full-size price, this set has a value of $90.35. This is a great value for $28, but it’s $6.65 shy of the $97 value on the box- which makes me wonder if they added value to the deluxe sample sizes (since minis tend to cost more per gram).

Not included in the set, but a free sample (GWP) was the Makeup Forever Artist Rouge Lipstick in the shade C211 (Rose Wood). It is currently out of stock on Sephora’s website, but it is $22 for 0.12 oz; this sample is 0.04oz, making this lipstick worth about $7.33- definitely not bad for a GWP.

Let’s look at each one’s application up close:

The Kat Von D lipstick is just a mini-bullet, standard tip. The case is easy to hold and the smaller bullet size makes it easier to be precise. Color is like a medium pinky-nude/mauve- I like it a lot!.

The Smashbox liquid lip comes with a tulip-shaped applicator (made of the same stuff as doe-foot applicators). This is a bit unwieldy and picks up what I’d say is slightly too much. The color appears to be a medium nude, but it dries down darker (harder to see in the picture there, since it’s still a little wet).


I took a picture of my already opened Too Faced Melted in Chihuahua because there’s no point in opening up the new one yet. It has an interesting applicator- it’s in the shape of a bullet (with a slanted side), but it’s like a hard sponge. The material actually reminds me of a doe foot. The lipstick comes out of a hole in the center of the sponge. The sponge then absorbs some of the product and lets you glide it on. It’s honestly a very nice way for me to use a liquid lip. It’s called a dusty mauve; it is on the brown side of mauve IMO and about mid-toned. It ends up being close to a MLBB on me- it’s just a little more brown.

The Nars Satin lip pencil is very much similar to the size of any lip crayon. I believe it sharpens, since I couldn’t figure out how to twist it up. Although it’s short, the thickness reminds me of shadow stick. Goes on nicely, and I love the color. It is a nude, bute it ends up looking a touch more pink.

The Fresh tinted lip treatment is really just a tinted balm. It’s application is exactly like a lip balm (with a flat surface), but it’s smaller and doesn’t seem to fit the girth of the tube. Definitely cute, but not novel at all. Also- it’s a balm, guys. Yes, it’s tinted, but it’s incredibly sheer. It shows up a small amount on me, but not enough to use it for any true color.

And finally, the Juicy Shaker. I was very excited for this because a) it’s supposed to taste like Lemon Meringue, b) it’s a CUSHION which I love, and c) lip oils are great for dry lips!! Really, though, this was strange. The cushion is cool, but you definitely have to shake to get stuff on the sponge (it also appears a little separated in the tube, so you have to shake it to mix it up anyway). The color, which looks very pink in the tube, is so sheer it’s undetectable. Yes, the picture above is with it on… and there’s no color change. It looks like my lips are pretty dark here, but it’s just stain from my dark lipstick earlier today.

And finally, we have the GWP-

It looks super pretty IMO (do I look tired? it’s because I am!). Standard bullet look, applies easily, and the color is similar to Lovecraft or Rikugien, although it seemed to pull a little more… purple/plum/raisiny on me than the others.

All the colors look remarkably similar on my lips, but you can see the color differences if you enlarge the pictures. Sorry about that. They ALL are what I’d consider in the nude/mauve line. They do swatch a little differently, too. The swatch below was taken in my new bathroom lighting (5000K / 80 CRI LEDs!!), which is supposed to mimic natural light well.

Top to bottom:

  • KVD Studded Kiss in Lovecraft
  • Smashbox Always On in Stepping Out
  • Too Faced Melted in Chihuahua
  • Nars Satin Pencil in Rikugien
  • Fresh Sugar Rose Tinted Lip Treatment
  • Lancome Juicy Shaker in 313 Boom-Meringue (yes, that big greasy looking bit)
  • Make Up Forever Artist Rouge Lipstick in C211 Rose Wood

Overall thoughts: I know this has been a long post, but I really wanted you all to get a good idea of what was in this set. If pinky brown nudes are your thing, this might be really nice. However, most of these colors are so similar to each other that they essentially have the same function in your makeup collection. Yes, it’s a fabulous deal, but keep the coloring in mind. If you’re one of those people who hates having so many “near dupes” because they can’t decide what one to use, this may be something to pass up on.

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