Makeup Rehab // Checking Myself In

If you haven’t noticed, the blog has been very inactive. This is a combination of several things: the death of my grandfather, work, and the beginning of another depressive episode (thank you, cold weather).

Working 13 hour days is tough. Yes, I do get days off, but I am so tired that I often just want to sleep. Add that to general life stress and yes, the depression I feel creeping up on me, and things start to slip. My stress relief comes through easy things because I simply don’t have the energy to do anything else. In the end, this often means online shopping. With sales and events happening throughout this month, I have blown past my original budget, spending almost 4x what I had originally (fairly graciously) budgeted.

Yes, I am ashamed.

My blog is mostly about swatches, foundation “first impressions,” and beauty boxes. You’d think with a huge influx of new products, I’ve had a ton of posts. And yet, I haven’t because I just feel so uninspired when I remember how much I spent compared to my goals. The shame couples with everything else, and I take swatches but just don’t write up posts.

I have been visiting the reddit MakeupRehab forums for a few months, but now I want to formally check myself in on my blog. I want to focus less on consumerism and include more “Talk Myself Out” style posts and posts that have thoughtful prompts. These will be properly tagged with “Makeup Rehab” and are about focusing on what I currently have, not what I think I want.  I also want to focus less overall on makeup and include posts about fragrances and perfumes, books, maybe even fitness and recipes as well. I changed my blog name a few months back, but I haven’t really changed the focus until now.

I hope this shift will be well received! I look forward to more inspiring posts!


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