Fragrances // Deconstructing Eden’s Ching Shih

Ching Shih – 5ml

Picture taken from Deconstructing Eden’s website- all rights go to Toni.

Perfume Name: Ching Shih by Deconstructing Eden
Indie or Mainstream: Indie
Cost and size: $2.75 for ~2ml sample, $9.75 for 5ml, $18 for 15ml, or $28 for 1 ounce.
Availability: Permanent in the Dangerous Women collection (currently)
Shop description: “Dark woods, wild figs, black currants, red mandarin, cardamom, opium, peonies, cinnamon, dragon’s blood and purple plums.” Ching Shih was a real female pirate; Toni from Deconstructing Eden has a bit about her on her Etsy page here (link to the sample size).

My opinions: Now, my nose is not that sophisticated, so I have yet to be able to determine top, middle, and base notes. In lieu of this, I hope my descriptions will suffice! To me, this scent is dark and spicy with hints of sweet fruit and citrus. The sweetness is not cloying; it does not fill the mouth in a rich way. There is a very slight peppery quality. The floral quality is there; however, it is dark enough and slight enough to be detectable but not overwhelming. Despite the fact that I dislike florals, I do like this scent. The floral quality blooms during dry-down for me, but not in an overpowering way; the fragrance stays dark. There is a slight soapy quality to this, but emphasis on slight.

Longevity: High. I have the scent on my wrist the next day, although it does lose sillage after a few hours.
Sillage and throw: Moderate. One spray in the sample atomizer is sufficient for me to smell it, but others do not smell me across the room.

Where this scent takes me: This takes me somewhere I’m unsure of. I do not get pirate ships out of this but rather an ancient Chinese herbalist shop in the middle of the  forest with fruit cooking in one pot and a potion brewing aside. It’s late at night and the only source of light comes from the several candles dripping on stones and the fire cooking the spiced fruit and potion. It’s not snowy, but it is cold outside the shop. Inside, it’s warm.

When I would wear this: Fall and autumn; cooler weather. Since it’s got nice fruit tones to it, it isn’t overly sexy or dark and works for me any time of the day, but I prefer it on dreary

Would I purchase a larger size of this scent? Maybe. I’d give this a 3.5/5 for my own personal taste. I do quite like it, but I’m not sure if I’d prefer to wear other fragrances on a more regular basis.


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