Unboxing // Notoriously Morbid Vanishing Cabinet, Sept 2016

I haven’t ever purchased from Notoriously Morbid, because I wanted to try their products through Vanishing Cabinet instead. The idea of it just appealed to me; “Vanishing Cabinet” reminds me of Harry Potter (remember how Malfoy snuck in the death eaters in the Half-Blood Prince?) and anything that claims to be “morbid” is fun for me.

Yes, I am in “Makeup Rehab” lately, but after being on the Vanishing Cabinet waitlist for several months, I was too excited to pass up the opportunity to get into this subscription box.

When the box came, I was slightly surprised. It came in a small envelope, not a box, and I wasn’t expecting the color (for some reason, I expected black).

 Inside, there was just a basic plastic bag with the four items in there, plus a card that details the theme for the month of the products in the bag.

Inside, there were three eye shadows and one lip product. The eye shadows come in small pots and are loose products. The lip product is called a “changeling.” It’s a pretty liquidy “top coat” that adds a color shift to change the color of your lipstick.

The theme this month is “Death is Becoming.” According to the info card, this collection is inspired by the move “Death Becomes Her,” which, as the card says, is about “youth, revenge, magic, and puts a new spin on best friends forever.”

The Eyeshadows:

  • “Forever Young,” inspired by Helen in the movie. Described as a “dark fiery red with orange sheen,” but on the swatches, it seemed more like a cranberry red with some orange sparkle to it. This is very beautiful for fall.
  • “Why Am I In The Morgue?” which is inspired by Madeline. Described as a “pale silver with gold sheen and purple and blue sparkles.” What I like about this is that it does feel quite cool in tone because it’s silver and contains that slight blue and purple shift. I don’t know if I get any gold sheen from this swatch, but I also only took the swatch from the lid of the container (as I didn’t have my brushes nearby and I don’t want to dip into the product with my fingers). This is definitely nice for the cooler weather, I think.
  • “Spray Paint,” inspired by Ernest, is “a dark espresso brown greige with copper and green sparkles.” It definitely looks this way in the tub, but in the swatch I get mostly… grey? Yes, it’s confusing me a bit!


Here are the swatches, in order. Taken under my “daylight” (5000K) light bulbs; it’s been pretty dark and gloomy out lately.

The Lip Product:

This lip product is called a Changeling, and it came in a 5ml tube with a doe-foot applicator. The info card describes Changelings as a top coat that “magically transforms” lipstick into a different shade. This one, named “A Touch of Magic,” is the first ever to be in a Vanishing Cabinet, and it is “violet based and shifts blue on the lips.”

The formula feels very thin and silicone-y. The first two ingredients are silicone, so that makes sense.

I’ve taken some swatches to show what it looks like over some various lipsticks.

The very left-most swatch (that you can barely see) is the top coat by itself. Then I have 10 different lipsticks (5 bullets or crayons, then 5 liquids in different finishes). I dabbed the top coat on over the lipstick on half the swatch, so on the bottom is the lipstick plain, and on top is the lipstick + Changeling. I will say that this seems to work better on some of my bullets. For some reason, on some of my liquid lipsticks, it made the lipstick feel grainy.

The longer I think about the products, the better I feel about them. I don’t “get” the theme, so I can’t give opinions on that, but I do like the products, and I’m very excited to try out an eye look with these!


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