Unboxing // Julep November 2016

Oh boy, did you think unboxings would end?! Unfortunately for my bank account, when Julep released their November collection… I felt the need to have it all.  Turns out, it was actually cheaper to add-on “The Whole Shebang” and pick out a couple other items I wanted!

This is almost the Whole Shebang. We have seven “Eyeshadow 101” tubes, one liner, and six polishes; a seventh polish is on it’s way, since they forgot it in most people’s boxes. There’s also a gold foil tub in there for nail art. I’m not super into that, but this whole thing was cheaper than adding on the shadows and polishes separately. Again- all of this was an odd-on for me! I’ll get to swatches in a moment.

Other items I got:

  • Konjac Case. This was an add-oh as well!  This seems perfect for me considering how often I travel back to my parents’ home. It fits their facial sponge when wet; will update to tell you how well it works to keep it hydrated during travel.img_5958
  • Voila! Polish Thinner. Back when this came out, there was a big hubbub. Would it be amazing? Worth the Julep price? I added this to my box, which counted as one of three products. For a $20 box, this made this specific one more affordable ($7 instead of $14 or $11.20 maven). I haven’t used it yet, but I’ll let you know when I do.
  • It’s Whipped! in Pucker Up and Bisou. These were the other two items in my box. These retail for $20 at Ulta or $16 Maven; getting them both in this box is like getting them for half-off!  In the image to the side, Pucker Up is on top and Bisou is on bottom.
  • Polishes in Jade and Mallory. Jade is an add-on; Mallory was the free gift. Shade looks like a lovely muted dark green glitter, whereas Mallory reminds me of Vicki although maybe a little more toned down and more magenta (whereas Vicki is pretty pink). Here are those swatches Edit: apparently it didn’t save the pic the first time! Ugh!img_5960

Now, back to the Whole Shebang and swatches.

Eyeshadows: Note: I swatched them all and then tookk the smudgy side and smudged them all downward.


From top to bottom:

  • Evergreen Shimmer. A lovely green with a hint of blue (cooler-toned), much like evergreen trees. A beautiful color for deep winters.
  • Midnight Blue. This one has little shimmer to it and looks very, very dark blue. Would be good for smoked out eyes; I’m unsure how much use I’ll get out of it (maybe in my outer corner?)
  • Violet Shimmer. A lighter purple. Looks cool-toned to me, leaning towards blue over red. Gorgeous color, but the product in my tube was loose and fell out. It wasn’t ruined; I just stuck it back in. The tube itself may be defective as I couldn’t get it to twist up easily.
  • Copper Shimmer. Warm-toned copper with large amounts of orange from my perspective. Glides on wonderfully. Medium depth.
  • Burgundy Shimmer. Quite dark. It’s a little bit warmer, but another color good for deep winters since it isn’t overly warm.
  • Pearl Shimmer. This is one of the truest pearl colors I’ve seen. It’s off-white, basically cream, with some very light gold shimmer to it. Absolutely beautiful
  • Gunmental Shimmer. They call this one “pewter.” It’s a bluish grey, medium depth, fairly shimmer.

I did use a smudger to show how they smudge. Don’t think that each one smudges drastically differently; they don’t. Because I swatched these as different times, the topmost shades had more time to dry or set. The amazing thing about this formula is that while it glides on creamy and you can work with it within a quick time span, once it dries, it is basically set. This is good to know- your shadow won’t smudge easily!

Nail polish:img_5959

From left to right

  • Tabitha: “Calypso Teal Metallic.” Not a matte metallic, but definitely metallic/chrome finish. Teal, but bordering blue. Very easy to paint the swatch; quite opaque!
  • Kami: “Black Coal Metallic.” Another clearly metallic, but not matte, finish. A little streakier/not as opaque as Tabitha. The metallic component makes this look less black and more grey, but it’s still gorgeous.
  • Keila: “Putty Multidimensional Holographic.” Uhm. Glitter bomb. Light nude gold glitter, IMO. You have to be careful with how you paint to make sure the glitter stays on your nail and doesn’t just brush off. Dries easily though.
  • Carrie Ann: “Blush Sheer Holographic.” I’d agree. Very slight shimmer to this one, but it is quite sheer. Would look beautiful as a “no polish” type of polish for professionals or conservative interviews.
  • Jody: “Asteroid Iridescent.” Online, this looks like a muted purple with bluish sheen. In person, it looks brownish with slight purple glitter. It’s still pretty, but not similar to online.
  • Syd: “Port Wine Ghost Shimmer.” By ghost shimmer, Julep means “hardly noticeable shimmer.” More of a dark brown. I was expecting more of a dark red color (as that’s typically port, from my understanding)

There is one more polish coming, Mercedes, which is supposed to be a “Canyon Rose Metallic.” When it comes, I’m very excited to try it!

Price breakdown: For this box, I paid just a few cents under $103. Yes, that’s a lot. However, it’s pretty good for what I got!

  • Two It’s Whipped! Lipsticks: $20 each = $40 value
  • Voila! Thinner: $14 value
  • Konjac Case: $10 value
  • When Pencil Met Gel Liner: $16 value (note: I didn’t talk about it because I have one already)
  • Seven “Eyeshadow 101” Shadows: $18 each = $126 value
  • Nine polishes: $14 each = $126 value

Total value: $332.

If you’re maven and order from Julep, yes, it’s a 20% discount for a total value of $265.60- which is still over twice how much I paid.


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