Health + Fitness // 7 Week Plan (11/12-12/31)… Combining MUR with Fitness!

There are only 7 weeks left in this year, and despite all the shit happening, I don’t believe this is the end of the world.  Because I don’t believe this is the end of the world, it makes no real sense to act like it; I should be treating myself and my surroundings like there are many more moons.

I made up a post earlier that I actually have queued for later, talking about my weight gain during the time I focused on getting my mind to a healthier place. I’ve bounced around physically and mentally, and while I hope you read that post when it comes, after I scheduled it, I realized I could make a plan. I don’t have to be afraid to do what my body needs; this doesn’t have to be about control. Real control comes from taking care of my mind and body; they cannot work well without each other!

While this is all fine and good, I run into the problem where I tend to need something tangible to keep going. My need for tangible success is what tends to get my mind into trouble with it comes to taking care of my body. Alas- I came across another creative solution, combining my love for beauty products, my need to stop spending so much on impulse buys, and my need to get my body moving and stop feeding it with junk. The solution: earning “beauty money” by living a healthy lifestyle!

Here’s why I think this is a good solution for me:

  • I was already planning on a low/no-buy for the next seven (more on this at a future date), so there is no punishment for not meeting a goal, just a lack of reward. I focused so much on punishment and not enough on reward previously, which is a negative way to change behavior.
  • I can focus more on healthy behaviors, not on measurements that I may not even be able to control.
  • It’s only for 7 weeks to start; if I notice any unhealthy behaviors or thoughts, I can stop it before it goes sour.

Now, onto the plan:

goals and shit.PNG

At the end of these 7 weeks, I can “earn” a total of $145.30 to spend on beauty things! When I made this, I was doing for ~$150 and I wanted to create something where exercise and fueling myself were considered “highest priority,” then using tools for coping and managing other aspects of my life (because I don’t want to forget that), and finally, weight loss. While at this point I would welcome weight loss (as I am getting to the point where it may be putting my health in danger), I didn’t want to make it too “valued,” because my focus needs to be on healthy behaviors, not on my weight (that’s one way to turn this into something unhealthy… ugh).

I just now noticed I forgot “drinking water” on this list of goals… whoops 😉 Thus, I’m going to add one more goal:

  • Stay hydrated! Drink more water! Money I can earn from this will be based on a “sliding scale” daily, which allows for a total of $17.15 should I complete it all.
    • Days I drink 0-2 cups = $0.00
    • 3-4 cups = $0.05
    • 5-6 cups = $0.15
    • 7 cups = $0.25
    • 8+ cups = $0.35

This brings my overall possible total to $162.45 (which is about $150 worth or RRS shopping once you factor in shipping…).

What do you guys think? Is this a good model to use? Would you use monetary rewards for behavioral goals?


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