Swatches + Review // NYX Liquid Suede Vault

I’ve decided that Sundays need to be Swatch Sundays! Every week, I’ll post some swatches. Maybe it’s a lot. Maybe it’s a little.

This week it’s a lot- the entire NYX Liquid Suede set. I’ve had Soft Spoken for a while and have found I love the formula, so when I saw a set of minis, I figured, “Why not?” I don’t often get vault sets, but I can most likely sell or gift the ones that don’t work for me, and I figured this would also be a good way of telling what looks good on me and what doesn’t. This is also partly a review, not of the formula but of the actual vault. Is it a good purchase? What comes in the box?


It’s a little blurry since I was in a rush, but this is exactly how the set looked. Each tube looks about 2/3 the length of a full-size, cap included, and 1/2 the length without the cap. They’re also thinner (girth). They contain 1.6ml each, while full size contains 4ml (40% of full size).

Let’s talk about value now. This set contains every Liquid Suede color, which happens to be 24 colors. It retails for $50 total. Each full-size tube retails for $7, so if you were to buy the tubes individually, you’d have to spend $168 to get one of each color. With each tube being 40% of full size, the “value” of this set comes to $67.20. Thus, the value of this set is not amazing compared to the cost (about 25% savings), especially when you consider that many shades won’t work for you (some will be too warm or cold, some will be too bright or too muted, etc).

That said, sometimes the value comes from having colors, not from product amount. I’m one of those people who loves variety but will most likely not finish a product. These have a short open-shelf-life, witha  6-mo rating. It may be a little conservative; I may get 12 months of use out of them. Even with 12 months of use, I highly doubt I will use more than 1.4ml per each color. Because of this, these minis have the same value as each full size, so all it takes is 7-8 colors being wearable for you to make this worthwhile.

Onto the swatches!

I didn’t have great lighting when I got this set, so I have one in the low levels of daylight from my window and one with flash. From top to bottom (which, I know it’s harder to see colors up top), you have:

  • Orange County
  • Foiled Again
  • Life’s a Beach
  • Tea & Cookies
  • Respect the Pink
  • Pink Lust
  • Sway
  • Run the World
  • Amethyst
  • Subversive Socialite
  • Oh, Put It On
  • Foul Mouth
  • Stone Fox
  • Little Denim Dress
  • Jet-Set
  • Alien
  • Downtown Beauty
  • Brooklyn Thorn
  • Sandstorm
  • Soft Spoken
  • Club Hopper
  • Vintage
  • Cherry Skies
  • Kitten Heels

As I mentioned- it only takes 7-8 colors to make this worthwhile. Is this a good product for me, MUR-wise? My goal is 7; 7 of these full-size would cost $49, but there’s value in trying them out, too! I already have Soft Spoken, so that one is taken out of the mix. I have already fallen in love with Vintage, though, so there is 1/7.I really am excited to try Tea & Cookies, Run the World, Subversive Socialite, Cherry Skies, and Kitten Heels. That is another 5/7, so I have 6 total here that will probably work for me. I’m unsure which of the browns will look better on me, but I suspect that Brooklyn Thorn will look pretty good. That’s 7/7! I’m also interested in how these would look mixed. If I mix Alien with Respect the Pink, would I get a deep pink?

After trying them all, I do plan on trying to sell the ones that didn’t quite work. Hopefully selling for pretty cheap will make them go quickly, and I can get back some of that value I’m missing, too.


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