SftPF // Graftobian HD Creme Foundation in Bombshell

So, here’s a foundation that I purchased a sample of a while ago… and decided it was a good idea to never use it? Spoiler alert: this post will not be like other SftPF posts because I hated this foundation so much… Ugh.

Product Information:
Graftobian HD Cream Foundation, Bombshell
$19.99/0.5oz creme compact, available at Camera Ready Cosmetics
Samples available for cheap and CRC

Application Information:
Dotted around my face and blended out with RT sponge

Product Performance:

Here we have the before/during/after. My skin looks definitely brighter and less splotchy.

Shade + Tone:

As you can see from this image, which does include the product, it’s a pretty decent shade and tone for me. This is the third lightest neutral shade- there are sooooo many colors to this foundation that even people who are paler than I am will be able to find something to match them. It’s not perfect, but it isn’t overly pink or yellow for my skin and seems to match the lightest just about right.

Coverage + Finish: Uhm??? Medium-Full, Powdery.
Do you remember when I tried the Re(Marc)able foundation? And from afar it seemed to work great, but only because you couldn’t pick up on the horrible things happening close up? It was just like a giant blur from afar? That’s kind of like this foundation on me. I had such a difficult time determining. It looks full coverage, especially from afar. For a cream product, I certainly didn’t expect it to look so powdery though.

Look + Feel: Velvety feel but powdery yuckiness in look.

These are the close-ups from to get a good idea of that powdery quality I’m talking about. It just doesn’t look great close up. This is actually after 4 hours of wear, but I did re-do this once to get another look and even at the beginning it looks this bad. It clings to any dry patches I have, any imperfections in my skin… Even after I freshly cleaned and exfoliated my face, it still had this patchy, powdery thing going on. Dewy setting spray? Nope. Still not working.

Longevity: Who knows? >4hrs, but I didn’t bother to check.

This probably has pretty good longevity, but the finish/look of it made me want it off of be asap. You can see in the close-ups that after four hours, this was starting to wear off on my redder patches- probably because I suck and touch my face constantly- but for most people, it’ll wear longer.

Would I ever wear this again?

Honestly, no. I might keep going back to it to see if it looks any better when my skin changes, but it looks hideous. If you have oily skin, maybe this would look great on you. On my dry skin? Nope. For a cream product, I guess I expected something better.



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