Makeup Rehab // Low/No-Buy until 2017!

It’s funny to put “2017” on something. Sometimes I forget how old I am and I’ll think, “Oh, 17, that’s me!” I’m not 17. I’m not even close anymore. I’m very firmly 22, so when I see 2017, it reminds me that I actually have detailed memories from 17 years ago (I remember the Bush election!) and thus I am most definitely not 17.

But I digress.

I mentioned in a health + fitness post that I was doing a low/no-buy for the rest of 2017. At the time of making this no-buy decision, that meant 50 days of doing what is essentially a no-buy, and during this time I can earn some of the money that would’ve been part of my beauty budget by working on healthy behaviors.

Why a low/no-buy?

I want to say first and foremost that this no-buy has very little to do with my body’s health (or my mental health as it relates to food, fitness, and body size/shape/weight/whatever else). I am using the no-buy to give me some kind of motivation because I have lacked that lately, but there were both independent decisions.

No, what triggered this low/no-buy was actually two fold:

  1. I spent nearly $250 at Sephora during the VIB sale. These were products I wanted for a while, ones I waited for, once I have done extensive research on or have had before (eg, Tarte mascara). But even still- $250? I don’t really need to spend any more this year.
  2. When I was thinking about that- how much I spent at Sephora- I found myself asking the same question: why? I knew what I purchased there, I knew why, but it wasn’t about the VIB sale anymore. I spend that much in a few months at Ulta. I spend at Walgreens, Target, and Walmart. My collection is actually quite large despite getting into this less than a year ago. I’ve put so much money and time into these products only to seek out more. Why? Because I’m impulsive when it comes to products.

I’m hoping to take these days to stop and use my collection, reducing the amount I spend, but also working through the products I have, determine what works and what doesn’t, and then hopefully getting closer to a more curated collection.

What defines my low/no-buy?

  1. This will last until January 1, 2017. I may extend my low/no-buy, but this will initially go until then. I will re-evaluate on this date and determine if I want to continue, but I will HAVE to go until then.
  2. This includes makeup, nail polish, skin care, hair care, perfumes, body care, etc. Everything that could be considered “beauty” falls into this low/no-buy.
  3. I will not purchase anything except…
    1. Replacements if I have no functional dupes. This means…
      1. If I use up my Nyx White Base but I still have a white eye crayon, I can’t buy a new white base.
      2. If I use up the bottle of conditioner in my shower, but I have another brand of conditioner under my skin, I can’t buy new conditioner.
      3. If I run out of my favorite lip balm (or put it through the wash), I can’t buy another one because I have like 15 other ones.
      4. I can only purchase an item to be a replacement if I have nothing else that serves that purpose (eg, I need a new razor but don’t have one anywhere in my apartment).
    2. I can keep all of my current beauty boxes. This means: Julep, Ipsy, Vanishing Cabinet, Play!, Walmart, etc. If I have to enter in my information again, that’s considered a new beauty box and thus not allowed.
    3. If I make any money selling things off of MUE or wherever, half of that money must go into short-term savings, but the other half can be used for new purchases.
    4. Returns and exchanges in store.

The addition of 3.1-3.4 constitute the “low-buy” part of the low/no-buy. As nice as a total no-buy would be, I’m just not ready for that kind of utter restriction. I don’t do well with restriction, so I need something to help me breathe during this.

The point of 3.3-3.4, just to clarify, is that I want to encourage destashing products I cannot use or just don’t like. My goal is to have a more curated collection, and if I need to destash products that don’t work, I want to be able to get a replacement product that does work- but not if it costs me anything out of pocket.

Welcome to my low/no-buy 🙂


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