Swatch and Review // Wet n Wild “Floral Values”

Time for another Swatch Sunday post! Today, I bring you a drugstore product, the Wet n Wild “Floral Values,” a five-pan palette from their fall collection.

While this says “New” on the package, it’s already DC’d at my local Walgreens; I managed to pick this up for. $1.98, half of its regular price of $3.99.

You can see that, like all their other Color Icon palettes, each shade has a placement printed into it so help guide you through the look.

Let’s take a look at these swatches

When I did initial swatches, I actually couldn’t even see most of the colors. I then tried to swatch over a white base (NYX white base in a small tub). You can see the colors clearly- I did a vertical swatch of the NYX and horizontal swatches over it to show the difference the white makes. Top to bottom:

  • Base color, which in this palette is a light khaki cream. It is almost invisible on me, feels chalky, and even with a white base doesn’t look that great.
  • Eyelid color, which in this one is a vibrant pink. The color needs a white base, but with that base it really pops.
  • Browbone color, which is a glittery light lavender. It honestly hardly shows up, although with the white base you can see it a little better. Glitter shows up, but the color is almost invisible
  • Definer color, which here is a dark Violet purple. Like most of the palette, it pops with a white base, but not normally.
  • Crease color, a dark blue. This one does show up on its own, but with a white base, it looks better.

When you use all the colors how they recommend, the result isn’t all that bad. I did use my white base over this. The shadows didn’t blend easily without taking a lot of pigment off.

This would be good if:

  • You like pinks and purples but you don’t have many in your collection
  • You already have a white base to use, not just a primer
  • You are on a heavy budget (seriously, I’ve used Coastal Scents singles that are better than this palette)

You don’t need this if:

  • You have any other pinks or purples in your stash, especially if they are any better brands
  • You DON’T have a white base- or black, I suppose- because this will not show up.
  • You can spend the money on something better.

I’m serious when I say it’s not a great palette. Maybe foiling the shadows will give a better result, but when finger swatches don’t yield noticeable results, I’m not optimistic for a shadow.


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