Fragrances // TWP “Netflix & Kill”


Perfume Name: Netflix & Kill
Indie or Mainstream: Indie
Cost and size: $13.50 for 5ml perfume oil, $15 for 10ml eau de parfum. Available as soaps ($5), sugar scrubs ($8.50), 2oz body mists ($8), and lotion ($9.50).
Availability: Limited edition from Falloween 2016 (currently off market- sorry!)
Shop description: Come on, Netflix and Chill is just over-rated these days!! A big mug of chai tea topped with a dollop of marshmallow and accompanied with a box of apple cider donuts. This screams fall!”

My opinions: This is a fragrance that you only true “get” once you know what you’re supposed to be getting. I’m not saying this in a negative way. The fragrance is sweet, but it isn’t cloying, and it’s very wearable. I’m merely saying that all the notes blend together so well that it’s hard to pick them all out unless you know what you’re looking for. I wouldn’t get apple cider donuts if the idea was not in my head, but since I know those notes are supposed to be there, I do end up smelling it. I can’t even explain what it does smell like. The chai tea smell isn’t strong- it’s like a chai tea latte with a good amount of cream to tamper down any bitterness, and the spiciness of the chai isn’t a forerunner in the fragrance. Perhaps the marshmallow is just quite strong. I will say this- I remember more of the chai tea from my EDP sample, and I wonder if the indie nature of this fragrance means each bottle is slightly different in note ratios.

Longevity: Moderate. In the EDP sample I first purchased, I thought this scent faded after about 3-4 hours; however, with the oil, I come to realize there is a subtle base note that lasts longer. It was detectable about 11 hours after I applied it.

Sillage and throw: Moderate. Similar with the other TWP oils I have, it’s harder to tell without an atomizer. To me, the fragrance stopped appearing to throw within a few hours, but people near by (sitting near me) could smell it.

Where this scent takes me: I start out at the tea shop where I had my first date with my boyfriend. A hint of tea leaves, chai spices, and sugary marshmallows. As it fades, I’m now walking outside with one hand in his, my tea to-go in my other, crunching on frosted leaves. Next thing I know, it’s an early winter morning. Snow is on the ground and there are sugar cookies in my oven- clean, crisp, but still sweet.

When I would wear this: Basically whenever. It isn’t quite a spring/summer fragrance as there is definitely a “cold air” feel to me, but I think it could pass anyway. It’s warming without being spicy, reminds me of happy memories, and overall is a pleasure to wear.

Would I purchase a larger size of this scent? Well, yeah, I did! Like One Day at Horrorland, I wish I had gotten that body spritz even.


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