First Impressions // Viseart Bijoux Royal 

This year was my first ever VIB sale, and I took advantage of the 20% off to order a palette I’ve been lusting over: Viseart Bijoux Royal (09). The colors basically match my hair (would it be considered jewel tone?) and are super shimmery. At $80, I wouldn’t normally purchase it, but at $64, it’s a little more doable.

It’s a very non-flashy palette. For how much it is (which, I’m sure it isn’t the most expensive, but it’s still a good amount of $$), I don’t think it’s the best packaging in the world… basically, just plastic. However, it’s sleek and functional, and I do like that I can see all the colors while it’s closed. Now, onto the swatches!


It’s not super easy to see the swatches. Blame my “I HAVE TO GET SWATCHES DONE!” mentality, as I did this literally as soon as I got home from work. They are swatched left to right, top to bottom (like how we read in Western countries).

I won’t go into shade descriptions as you can very easily find them on Temptalia. However, I do want to do a brief overview.

have worn these, since I’ve had the time (thank you, queued posts), and I can say that despite the swatches looking a little lackluster, they truly are beautiful shimmers and are highly pigmented. Most of the colors are fairly muted, which I think play very well with my skin. The addition of the four topmost colors, which are quite light, make this palette a little more wearable for me, as the darkness of the other 8 shades have a tendency to make my eyes look even more sunken in. In terms of undertone, this palette is almost evenly warm and cool. The rightmost shades (the blues) are definitely cooler, although the last color, #12, is slightly warmer for a blue. The green shades tend to be warmer, but the muted quality makes these undertones relatively subtle. #5 is a cooler purple, whereas #10 is warmer. #9 has pinky undertones to it (rather than a slightly blue tone). The warmer tones (such as #1-3) are not the warmest in their color family (#3, despite being gold, is actually on the cooler side of that color family). The first shade, to me, looks like a good blend of looking fairly neutral to my eye. My favorites are #5, #8, and #11, but I think they all play well together.

Overall, I am really excited for this palette. While I don’t think I can do much with this palette for work, I’m excited to play with these colors as I think they really do suit me well.


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