Panning // Project Pan 2017: 20+17 in 2017!

I’ve seen so many different project pan ideas for this upcoming year, and each time I see them, I think to myself, “Maybe I should do that, too!” It’s not secret that my collection is larger than I use, and the idea of actually using up product, as opposed to having it sit and look pretty, is so exciting. I’ve never done a real project pan before. Most projects I’ve seen others do are in a relatively short time span, and with my usage habits, I just don’t have products that are viable to pan in only a couple months. The products that I could theoretically pan were all products that I didn’t have any true replacements for, and because of that, I didn’t think project pans on those were really important. To me, the goal of a project pan is to use up your stash, not to use products you were going to use anyway.

The first few project ideas I saw for this year were all some sort of “17 in 2017” variations. Some were just 17 random products and others were themes (like one product that relates to each of the first 17 anniversary gifts, like cotton, paper, etc). I’d start to build a list for each one, and then have second thoughts…

  • Do I have anything that resembles leather? (That is year #3 for anniversary gifts, btw)
  • What if I can’t pan this thing in time?
  • What if I stop liking the thing?
  • But I was going to pan this anyway…
  • Do I really want to pan this product?
  • I might as well buy one of these tattoo leathers to be a leather item in that list…
  • Ugh, what if most days I just don’t want to use any of this type of product?

I realized that somebody else’s challenge might not be what fits my needs. Instead of waiting for somebody else to create a “perfect” project pan… why not just do my own?

So I present to you my own solution: 20+17 in 2017! This is geared towards me, the person who likes variety, has a large collection that isn’t well-used, and still likes subscription services. The goal: get my collection down in a way that is challenging but gives me lots of room to “not feel like using anything” on most days.

The 20: In 2017, I will use up 20 foil packets or small samples (think: So Choix size, where it’s smaller than a typical DS, but lasts longer than a foil packet). This doesn’t have to be determined now.

The 17: In 2017, I will pan one product (DS to full size) from each of the 17 categories listed below. I’ve ID’d the products I’m considering panning, but the goal isn’t to pan that specific product, just one in the category. If an issue arises with the product, I’m not going to worry about it; I’ll find another product to pan instead.

  1. Facial primer: Too Faced Hangover Rx
  2. Foundation/Base: Missha Perfect Cover
  3. Concealer: CoverGirl Ready, Set, Gorgeous
  4. Blush: Hard Candy Cheeky Tints in Ballerina
  5. Misc face makeup (highlight, bronzer, contour, etc): Benefit High Beam
  6. Setting product: BareMinerals Mineral Veil
  7. Eyeshadow: Second color in my Riesling Romance palette (it has a dip already!)
  8. Eye liner: Julep When Pencil Met Gel in Black
  9. Eyebrow product (pencil, gel, etc): Julep Don’t Leave Your Brows at Home
  10. Lip balm: Eco Lips Berry lip balm
  11. Lip color (stick, liner, gloss, stain, etc): MUFE C211
  12. Nail polish: Julep Laurel
  13. Facial cleanser: Julep Bare Face cleansing oil
  14. Facial moisturizer: Mizon Snail Repair Gel Cream
  15. Misc facial care product (actives, serums, etc): COSRX BHA Blackhead Power Liquid
  16. Sunscreen: Neutrogena Clear Face Liquid Lotion
  17. Skin care product (for the body): Am-Lactin Lotion

Of course, some of these will most likely be used up before the end of the year. Some will be much more difficult. I may embark on some other project pans, but we’ll see how this one goes! I plan on taking pictures of my 17 products I’m intending to pan every month for updates, as well as give any updates on any finished foil packets/small samples. My first post will be on January 1 (“where I’m starting at” style post) and then updates roughly every month after.

If you’re doing a project pan for 2017, share it with me! If not, but you’re considering it, feel free to join me! Let’s support each other in using our collections to their fullest.


One thought on “Panning // Project Pan 2017: 20+17 in 2017!

  1. looloobeauty says:

    Heya Lucy,
    I’ve just started my blog on here and have posted my two projects for 2017 up today.
    I love the sound of your project, sounds so much more flexible then some of the other more restrictive ones. I too have put a spin on my project use it up 2017 and hope you will pop accross to have a look 😀
    Thanks Loo Loo
    ps. I would so jump on board your project but my collection is not massive, as you can see in my inventory post and I don’t have that many samples lol!! looking forward to following your progress though.


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