Unboxing // Julep Selections February 2017

Yes, I’m back to doing some beauty box unboxing here on my blog, and the first one I bring you is this month’s Julep box! For those who are unfamiliar, Julep is it’s own brand with a subscription service. Unlike many beauty boxes, this box is fully customizable. You get to choose each month whether or not to take a box (you can skip months indefinitely), and if you do choose to take your box, you can customize your box. Between the 20th and 25th of the month, the next month’s selections become available. The box can hold up to two makeup or skincare items or up to three polishes (or one makeup/skincare item and two polishes), and you have the option of choosing additional “add-on” items for a discounted price. Not all Julep products are eligible each month for box selections, but they usually come out with several new nail polish colors and/or a new makeup or skincare item (or colors of previous items).

Julep’s February Collection, “Cozy In Love,” contained four new It’s Balm colors, two new When Pencil Met Gel colors, and seven new nail polishes (plus one additional Zodiac color). You can see full details for their February collection at their website here.

This month, I chose to include a new It’s Balm and two new nail polishes from their Feb collection. I also added some add-ons: the Clean Slate polish pen, a konjac sponge, and two additional polishes.

In the box:

  • It’s Balm in Blossom Pink. Described as “Cool Rose Creme” color, this sounded like one of my “normal” colors in a formula I know I love to use for work. It is definitely a muted rose color and feels just as silky smooth as other It’s Balm products. It smells a bit like vanilla; it’s not overpowering or cloying, but it is a nice touch! Value: $20 MSRP or $16 Maven.img_6539
  • Nail Polish in Della. This one is described as a “Misted Blackberry Microshimmer” and is listed as a Shimmer finish. I haven’t had blackberries in a while, but it is a dark violet color, a little bit muted, and it does have a very, very, very slight shimmer to it. The shimmer is so finely ground that it is almost undetectable. I think it’s very beautiful, but I’m unsure why it’s considered a Boho Glam style color. Value: $14 MSRP or $11.20 Maven.
  • Nail Polish in Charissa. With a creme finish, this Classic with a Twist style is described as a “Mineral Red Creme.” I really don’t know what “mineral” means, but I chose this color because it looked more pinky or magenta colors. Some people describe it as moving towards a mauve and some say it’s a soft brick red; to me, it looks cooler than a brick red, which is usually a bit orangey. I actually googled red minerals and think it might look a bit like Erythrite? Anyway- it switched very smoothly, and I think it’s a perfect color for Valentine’s! Value: $14 MSRP or $11.20 Maven.


  1. Green Tea Konjac Sponge. Those who know me know I love konjac sponges- I use them with cleansing oil most days. I needed a replacement for my old charcoal one and wanted to switch it up a bit. Value: $12 MSRP or $9.60 Maven
  2. Clean Slate Polish Corrector Pen. This has pretty bad reviews on Julep’s web page, but I wanted to try it for myself. I’m a messy painter and tend to get some polish on my fingers. I’m hoping to try this to clean up those “mistakes” before I put on a top coat. Value: $10 MSRP or $8 Maven
  3. Nail Polish in Suki. A chrome/metallic It Girl polish described as an “Ethereal Silver Chrome.” I’ve been wanting a good silver polish and the name, Suki, just elicits images of cute little girls eating a bento box with rice and nori in the shape of a panda bear. I needed it. There IS a very slight lilac/purple gleam to it when light hits it just right, but from a top-down view, it just looks silver. Value: $14 MSRP or $11.20 Maven.
  4. Nail Polish in Keena. A Wonder Maven polish with a shimmer finish according to the website, Julep calls this a “Lily White with Peach Ghost Shimmer.” In the bottle, it looks white. Swatched on the top, it looks white. The shimmer is honestly almost nonexistent, but if you have ANY other Julep “ghost shimmer” colors, that’s honestly expected. The shimmer makes this color look a tiny bit pearlized in a slightly peachy way (not prismatic, with multiple colors). It applied beautifully to my swatch stick, whereas normal white polishes tend to apply very streaky. Value: $14 MSRP or $11.20 Maven.

And finally, the free gift for having 3+ add-ons: 

  • Nail Polish in Juliana. Julep’s “free gifts” have only ever been nail polish, but I was still a bit excited to see this one because the polishes they choose are usually overstock ones that don’t have great reviews (or formulas/colors). This one has 4.5 stars on their website and is actually sold out. It’s an It Girl polish with a shimmer finish, and its color is described as a “pink grapefruit sheer iridescent.” It is very bright, and when I first saw it, I struggled to decide what color family it belonged too. It’s so bright, it looks almost “hot” and it’s definitely a mix of orange and pink. I think pink grapefruit is a very good description. It is sheer but still has a big color punch- and yes, I would describe it’s shimmer as iridescent. It is a very beautiful warm-season color.

For ease, I switched all five of the polishes together:


Overall Value Discussion:

So, the overall value for everything in this box comes to $112 MSRP or $89.60 Maven. “Maven” is simply 20% off, and this is a discount you get if you have an active subscription account with Julep and order through their website. Boxes range in price depending upon how you pay. If you pay month-to-month, each box is $25. If you pay some in advance (you can still choose to skip months; it’s like getting 6 box “credits” that you can use whenever), price drops. I pay $19.99 each month, month-to-month, because that was the price I agreed to pay when I signed up several years ago. Add-ons are more expensive, and this month I paid a total of $40.95 for all of this ($19.99 for the box + $20.96 for add-ons). This comes to a bit more than half off of Maven prices. Typically, Julep polishes are worth about $5 for me (that’s my “good deal” price), and I got 5 polishes total for $25 value. Their  It’s Balm is always a favorite of mine and the “good deal” price for that is about $10 for me. Their konjac sponges are my favorite but still only worth about $6 to me. That’s $41 right there without factoring in the nail polish remover pen, and that’s about what I paid. The value of the nail polish remover pen has yet to be determined.



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