Swatches + First Impression // Lorac Dance ‘Til Dawn Eye + Cheek Palette

I’m a huge Lorac lover. Their products are usually my favorites in their categories, especially when it comes to their shadows and cheek products. When I saw this small palette was on sale at Ulta for $10, I was curious. Usually limited-edition/holiday items are not as well formulated as permanent products, but I loved the Riesling Romance palette that was a holiday release, so I figured a $10 gamble was a fairly low-risk bet. Let’s get into the first impressions!

Packaging and Aesthetics:

The palette looks quite pretty. It’s color scheme is golden pinky-peach and black, and it looks fairly fun while maintaining a clean aesthetic. The packaging itself is very similar to the original Pro packaging, but it feels slightly cheaper, much like their Refined Romance palette. The layout is enticing, clean and crisp, and it appears to be set up into two different looks (one being a lighter, more natural look and the other being a darker, more fun look). The palette itself is larger than the Riesling Romance palette, and while it’s shorter length-wise compared to the Pro palettes and Refined Romance, it’s longer in the other direction. This is because the blushes are very long.

The Contents and Weights:

This palette weighs just under 120g all together and contains a total of 15.12g of product. There are two blushes with a weight of 4.41g each (8.82g total) and six shadows, weighing in at 1.05g each (6.3g total). Compared to the Riesling Romance palette, each shadow is smaller by about 0.6g. Compared to the Pro palettes, each shadow is 0.5g larger (that’s almost double). Compared to the Refined Romance palette, the shadows are exactly the same, but the blushes are definitely larger (4.41 grams in the Dance ‘Til Dawn vs 2.4-2.6 in Refined Romance). Compared to their full-size blushes, the blushes in this palette are also larger (4 grams in a full-size buildable blush). They don’t LOOK like they’d be that big, but perhaps the pan is deeper.

The blushes come in one shimmer golden peach color and one slightly peachy pink, which is also shimmery but less so than the golden one. The pink blush is definitely brighter than the golden one. The eyeshadows come in a matte yellow-peach shade, a shimmery off-white shade, a matte orangey/lighter terra-cotta shade, a medium matte brown, a dark brown with coppery bronze shimmer, and a medium to dark purple with shimmer.

The Swatches + Color/Consistency Impressions:


  1. Peachy Blush: This swatches beautifully on my fingers, although it was a bit powdery, but from my finger onto my arm, it didn’t “transfer” a whole lot of its color.
  2. Matte Yellow-Peach Shadow: Felt pretty chalky and powdery and blended away very easily. Quite warm.
  3. Shimmery Off-White Shadow: This one is easily my favorite of the whole palette. Definitely has golden shimmer to it, but it was very pigmented and very smooth, almost buttery to the feel. Blended well without over-blending.
  4. Matte Light Brown/Orange Shadow: Also quite warm but a little bit better, in my opinion, than the first shadow. Like the first shadow, it was quite powdery and blended away a bit too easily.
  5. Pinker Blush: Despite being pinker, it’s also still a bit on the warmer side. Very bright, but also a bit sheer. Dustier than the first blush.
  6. Matte Medium Brown Shadow: Next to the lighter brown, this one looks more neutral, but it’s still a bit on the warmer side. Less powdery/chalky than the other two mattes.
  7. Shimmery Dark Brown Shadow: While not quite as beautiful and buttery as that first shimmery shade, this shade is still quite easy to work with. Glides on very well. Color is like a dark coppery bronze as it’s still fairly warm.
  8. Shimmery Purple Shadow: For a purple, this is on the warmer side. Purples in general are hard to do for eyeshadow, and as a result this one isn’t as wonderful as the other shimmers, but I’m still impressed by it.

Overall: you can see that one side/set is definitely warmer than the other, but both sets are warm. It’s a good enough palette; I’ve definitely had worse for the price, but it is NOT the absolute same Lorac as the pro palettes. The matte shades are definitely worse than the shimmers; I think applied together, they end up working quite well, and if you use a good primer, they can still be beautiful!

Face Test: 

Just a quick application- one side of my face has the first (lighter) set and the other has the second (darker) set. I used the same base (Missha Perfect Cover #13) for both sides, the same lipstick (Ofra Mocha), the same shadow primer (NYX Glitter Primer), and the same concealer (Nars RCC in Vanilla). I also did the same sort of look- the lightest shadow all over my lid, darkest in the crease, and then the accent color in the middle.

Over the glitter primer, the matte powders performed well, but a glitter primer DOES make it very difficult to blend as it is incredibly sticky. The medium brown is far too dark of an all-over color except when going for a truly very smoky look. Over the browns, the purple didn’t show up much at all. But, as I suspected, that white-gold shimmer in the first set was the best performer and looked incredible. I’d even wear it as a highlight on my cheek bones!

The first blush is quite light and could be used as a highlighter on somebody with dark skin. It looks quite natural but might be a bit too warm for my taste; however, I can (and will) definitely still use it. The second blush looks more like a warmer version of the redness I have; it was also quite powdery and had a lot of powder kick-back. In person, it looks much more vibrant. This is not my favorite.

Overall First Impressions: 

If you are a typical drugstore shopper and don’t have much in the way of mid (or high) end products, this palette is actually quite lovely, especially at the sale price of $10. It can fit inside most makeup bags easily and contains components for a couple different looks that aren’t too intense but are still beautiful. I do not, however, suggest this to somebody who has a ton of Lorac products and really doesn’t need any of it. If you don’t have similar shimmer shades, or if you are a fair complected person with warmer undertones, you might really like this for the shimmers (which perform beautifully) and that first blush.



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