Haul // RRS Haul Ft. Cushions!!

I’ve been trying to avoid many haul posts because I tend to think those go against the point of rehab, but I don’t often haul from RRS due to shipping costs, and I really wanted to share my excitement with you!

When it comes to ordering Asian beauty products, I really do try my best to order only things that I have researched and really, really want to try out. I usually order sheet masks and samples as well as some cosmetics. This haul was ordered at the start of 2017, a few days after my no-buy ended.

Here’s a spread of all the items I picked up…

  • img_6465

    Base Swatches: Air Fit, Signature Real, Goat Milk, and BCDation

    A’pieu Air Fit Cushion in 13. After spending hours pouring over swatches online, I thought this one might be the best bet for matching my skin.

  • Missha M Signature Real Complete BB Cream in 13. I picked up the 20ml bottle of this and have been very curious to try it since the Perfect Cover is such a good color match.
  • TonyMoly Goat Milk Pure CC in 01 Pure Milk. Another pack of 10 foil samples; this seemed like it would be very hydrating for my winter skin.
  • TonyMoly BCDation in 01 Vanilla Beige. I got the sample pack (10 foils)- I love trying out new base products this way.
  • A’pieu Bal Cheek in VL01. This is a cushion blusher, supposedly on the violet side. I’ve been very interested in trying both more violet blush (since my skin appears to eat purple) and cushions- trying to move away from collecting powders, since creams work best on my skin.
  • Berrisom Oops Tint Cheek Cushion in 01 Sugar Pink. Another cushion in a different brand. Note that for this and the other cushion blush, to swatch the product, I actually took off the cushion part and squeezed a bit of the cream formula up onto my finger; I didn’t want to dirty the cushion before testing it out for a review.
  • Berrisom Oops! Bloom Lip Cushion in 01 Velvet Pink. My cushion curiosity leaked in lip products…


    Swatches: Lip Cushion in Velvet Pink, Berrisom Cushion Blush in Sugar Pink, Bal Cheek in VL01. 

  • TonyMoly Timeless Ferment Snail Lip Treatment. I’ve been looking into some lip masks for my continually dry, peeling lips. Most have shea butter, but this one doesn’t. The snail is a bonus. I’m very excited to try this one!
  • G9 Skin Pinkblur Hydrogel Eyepatches. My undereye area isn’t terrible, but I do like to use gel patches to hydrate, wake me up, or just relax with- but individual ones or western ones can be so expensive. I picked these up to try.
  • Etude House Berry AHA Bright Peel Perfect Scrub & Mild Gel. Ordered a 10-pack of foil samples of these (came as a duo). Currently my AHA products include a steam-activated deep cleansing mask (which I only use once a week and is a deluxe sample size) and soaked pads, which aren’t super strong. I’m looking to replace the mask with something else, and I picked these up to test before buying.
  • CosRX Ultimate Nourishing Rice Overnight Spa Mask. My Sahara desert of a face has been calling for overnight masks, so I picked this up to test out.
  • Skinfood Balsamic Oil Peeling Mask. Oh my, this one is exciting me! I love peel-off masks and have a few foil packets, but I wanted to try one in a tube. There are some good western ones, but I was curious about the vinegar extract and olive oil included in this, as it also claims to hydrate.
  • Too Cool For School Pumpkin Sleeping Pack. A set of 10 “foil” style samples- it’s not actually in foil but in a plastic, but whatever. Another purchase because I want to start using more overnight packs.
  • A’pieu Milk One Pack Sheet Masks in Strawberry, Chocolate, Coconut, Coffee, Green Tea, White, and Banana. I got one of each “flavor” on RRS, and each one has a different apparent benefit. I’m hoping they’ll smell like their ingredient… They were $0.48 each, which is very affordable!
  • Skinfood Lettuce and Cucumber Water Mask Sheet. I ordered this one because it was only $0.31, and my love for sheet masking knows no bounds.

When you order from RRS, you usually get a little plastic bag with a few foil samples. This time, I got a sample of Missha All Around Safe Block as well as foils of COSRX BHA Blackhead Power Liquid, AHA 7 Whitehead Power Liquid, and Snail 96 Mucin Essence.

The order came out to $93.99 ($77.81 for the items and $16.18 for shipping). While this is definitely not a huge amount, I still try not to order from RRS too often because those shipping costs do add up! When I do order, I try to get the ship weight right at 1.24kg (1.25kg is a new shipping tier and is more expensive), since that weight seems to get me a shipping rate I’m most comfortable with.

As usual, I hope to get reviews up of these new items as soon as I can- but with my work schedule, it’s much harder to officially test out new products.


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