Makeup Rehab // Temptalia Announces New Dupe Features!!

Hi, there, MUR-ers and all people concerned with not having a ton of dupes! I bring you GREAT news today!

As some of you know, I’m fairly active on the subreddit called MakeupRehab. The other day, I posted a topic about “rehab tools we wish existed.” I was on Temptalia using her “compare two palettes” feature and thought: wouldn’t it be great if I could compare a palette to my Vanity?

I voiced this desire and asked other what kind of app, tool, or feature they’d be into… and Christine, the mind behind Temptalia, weighed in.

Here is the link to Christine’s response. She listed many features they are working on for an update hopefully to be released at the end of February!

This is/has been on our to-do list and is actually what my brother-in-law is working on presently. It’s tied to a few things, like making the vanity/wish list area more modular, so here are the upcoming updates (probably by end of the month):

  • Get Dupes within your Vanity –> will show you known dupes in your vanity (next phase is to show possible dupes, which shows additional similarities but they aren’t known dupes in our system)
  • Get Dupes between your Vanity and your Wishlist –> shows known dupes between what you want and what you already have (next phase is to show possible dupes)
  • Swatch View –> shows swatches of your Vanity/Wishlist items (like your own personal Swatch Gallery)
  • Gallery View –> product thumbnails vs. 1 by 1 list format
  • Additional details: Quantity, % Used
  • Additional Filters/Sorting for Refining Vanity/Wishlist items

Did you hear that?! DUPES WITHIN YOUR VANITY AND WISHLIST! I am so excited that Christine and her team are already working on it (not that I was surprised- she knows what we MUR-ers want :P).

What do you think? Are you excited for the updates and new Vanity features?


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