SftPF // Missha Signature Real #13

Since I use Missha Perfect Cover in #13 (and it works fairly well, but isn’t perfect), I have really wanted to try out Signature Real to compare the two. I finally ordered a small (20ml) bottle from RRS- and it finally came!

Product Information:
Missha Signature Real Complete BB Cream, Shade #13 Light Milky Beige
$29/45ml on MisshaUS; 20ml tubes available from other retailers for cheaper.
Water + Silicone Base
Tons of extracts- supposedly good for sensitive skin
Visit the MisshaUS link for a full ingredient list!

Application Information:
Dotted around my face and blended out with RT sponge

Product Performance:

I lost my official “before” photo, so you get a one-side-done and a one-side-dotted picture! This looks definitely like it evened out my splotchiness and redness!

Shade + Tone:

This is a bit yellower than the PC #13. It also appears slightly lighter. Under harsh/bright lights, it actually seems slightly lighter than my skin tone, but it looks very much the same in low levels of natural light. Because I was wearing a blue shirt, my skin looks much more (cool) yellow; I think this looks great next to my hand and chest, but its definitely more yellow than my face.

Coverage + Finish: Light-Medium Coverage; Natural Finish
I don’t think I could build this up past medium coverage; I believe I built it up a slight bit around my cheeks, but my cheeks were oddly not very red the day I tested this. It covered up the minimal redness in my cheeks well and covered some of my splotches, but it did NOT cover up all my blemishes. I did not think this was very matte or powdery. On me, it was a very natural from a distance. It could be natural to dewy on oilier skin.

Look + Feel: “No Makeup Feel,” Slightly Powdery

This stuff clings to my fine hairs. It’s less powdery than some other formulas, but it definitely isn’t hydrating enough for my skin!

Longevity: Honestly, low (<8hrs)
I can’t tell you exactly when this thing stopped providing any coverage, and again… some of my pictures were lost! I can tell you this: it felt like it transferred onto my fingers every time I touched my face, and the spots on my nose where my glasses rub? It didn’t last longer than an hour up there. I remember thinking, “where’s the coverage?” every time I checked in; however, I think it wore off evenly and without separating. At the end of the day (about 8-9 hours in), almost al the coverage had worn off. I did get a couple crease lines over the course of the day.

Would I Wear This Again?
Yes, I would! I would like to try this again with various skincare differences and see if I can find a way to make it work best. I would feel confident enough to wear this to work. However, I think this would be a winter or “when I’m stuck at home and have been good at sunscreen for weeks” kind of shade, because I do think it borders on too light.



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