Subscription Boxes // Julep March Collection + Maven Reveal

It’s the 20th again, so that means next month’s Julep Collection is open! As a reminder, you have until the end of the day on the 24th to select your box!

What’s in the Collection? 

This month’s collection contains polishes, cuticle serum, and two new color makeup products. Not all of the collection is new, though. Let’s start with the polishes!


  • Rosemary. This is a Boho Glam color- and it’s that red you see. It’s a bit warmer- they call it a “Modern Brick Creme”
  • Faith. Classic with a Twist- shimmery orchid. Called “Mauvewood Microshimmer.”
  • Lara. From the Bombshell style. The whitish looking color in the swatch pic, but it’s not white. It’s a very light “Shell Pink with Gold Shimmer.”
  • Jennye. Their Wonder Maven selection from the month, this is the cornflower/light lavender blue shade with micro glitter. Described as a “Power Blue Sheer Holographic.”
  • Jyliana. An It Girl polish, this is the muted teal shade descried as “Smoky Jade Creme”
  • Ange. This is their second Boho Glam color from this collection, and this is the brighter and darker teal blue. They describe it as a “Tidepool Blue Cream”
  • Keaton. Their last polish is an It Girl style and this one is a light mushroom-brownish color with shimmer to it. Descried as “Maple Sugar Shimmer.”

The idea of this polish collection is to combine Spring and Winter colors together to transition into what will (hopefully!) be warmer, sunnier weather.

The two new color products are both similar colors- one is a lip product and the other is an eyeliner.


  • When Pencil Met Gel in Fig Shimmer. Described as a “wild mauve shimmer,” this is a colorful eyeliner in their gel pencil formula.
  • It’s Balm in Brandy Wine. Julep describes this color as a “Spiced Apple Creme.”

Both of these color products look to me to be fairly muted, but the pencil liner is definitely more of a purple shade. It’s hard to tell online, but it appears that the It’s Balm shade is a bit warmer toned, too.

The last thing in this month’s collection is actually an older product, their Mighty Nail & Cuticle Serum. This came out a few years ago, and it has mixed reviews on Julep’s website. I have this, and while I do like to use it sometimes, I haven’t personally seen amazing effects. Also, like any other cuticle oil or serum, you shouldn’t use it before polishing; my colors peel off very easily if I use this before painting.

The Curated Boxes

While you can now fully customize your box, Julep still does curate a few boxes to choose from. The following are all considered basic boxes.

  • Woodland Quartz. $50 value; contains When Pencil Met Gel in Fig Shimmer, It’s Balm in Brandy Wine, and Jyliana (It Girl).
  • Of Forest & Flora. $56 value; contains Mighty Nail & Cuticle Serum, Faith (Classic with a Twist), and Keaton (It Girl)
  • Line Meets Sea. $58 value; contains Mighty Nail & Cuticle Serum, When Pencil Met Gel in Fig Shimmer, and Ange (Boho Glam)
  • The Creme de la Serum. $52 value; contains Might Nail & Cuticle Serum and No Limits Luxe Hydrating Creme. Note that the No Limits was not considered part of the collection and thus this box contains no new products.
  • The Artist’s Canvas. $77 value. Contains the Plie Wand System (wand, overcap, precision brush, striping brush, and dotting tool), Rosemary (Boho Glam), Lara (Bombshell), and Jennye (Wonder Maven).

For an additional price, you can upgrade to other curated boxes:

  • Face The Glimmer (+$15). An $80 value, you get Length Matters Mascara, When Pencil Met Gel in Fig Shimmer, Skip the Brush in Moonlight Sand, and It’s Balm in Brandy Wine.
  • March Collection Polish Love Upgrade (+$20). $133 value; you get the Plie Wand System plus all of the new polishes in this month’s collection (Rosemary, Lara, Keaton, Jyliana, Jennye, Faith, and Ange).
  • The Whole Shebang (+$45). $221 value. This is typically an “all of the collection” upgrade, but this one also include the No Limits creme and the Plie Wand system along with Might, the gel pencil, the It’s Balm, and all of the new polishes from the month.

Honestly, I’m not so sure what I want from the collection this month. None of the products speak to me in a “I need to have this!” way. I am looking through options to create my own box, and I think I may choose a brush and a new polish or something similar.

What do you think about the new collection? What are you most excited for?

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