Projects // Depotting Riesling Romance

A bit ago, Ulta was having a “Buy 2 Get 2 Free” sale on all of their products… including their branded z-palettes. At the same time, they were having a 20% off everything code- so I ended up getting four z-palettes for $32! I’ve been trying to press loose shadows and depot some unwieldy palettes… and the first one I chose was the Riesling Romance!

I decided to go with RR first because:

  • The packaging isn’t anything spectacular. It’s pretty enough, but it’s not special and doesn’t bring me joy.
  • Since I’m trying to pan Shade 2 in the palette, having it deported makes it easier!!

First, I tried to use the my spatula (the same thing as the “depotting tool” from the z palette website) to pry out the first shade. This did NOT work. This shade crumbled easily- and then I realized there was another way.

The entire palette is essentially just cardboard, so  all I had to do was pull on the packaging a bit and it all came apart! The actual pans were glued to a thin backing of uncorrupted cardboard, and I could easily tear them off. You can see my “remains” pretty easily.

The pans fit very easily onto my magnetic palette. They are NOT magnetized, so I had to stick the small metal stickers that came with my palette. I used the small rectangular ones, and they barely fit. I used a fine-point permanent marker to write down the shades (to remember).

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