Unboxing // Ipsy February 2017

After a long wait, my Ipsy bag FINALLY came in…  I had to wait about a week longer than usual because I redeemed some of my points (apparently this is a normal thing; it takes longer to ship your bag if you added anything on). Honestly, when I peeked at my products, I wasn’t that excited, but I was more excited for the products than for the bag. I basically hid it in the picture above because I absolutely hate the bag this month. It’s jeans with a hot orange trim. It just isn’t attractive.

In my bag this month, I received:

  • BioBelle Sheet Masks in “#staygorgeous” and “#iwokeuplikethis.” I love sheet masks, and I’m always happy when I get them, but lately I’ve realized I have way too many, and I can buy Asian beauty masks for fairly cheap now. I’m still excited for them, though! Two masks, 25g each. Retail value: $9.98 (on Ulta). Personal value: $4.00
  • Hikari Cream Pigment Eyeshadow in Latte. 

    Top: Latte. Bottom: Ripe Berry

    I was a little… not enthused by this. Then, when comparing bags with a friend (who received hers way before mine…), she talked so highly about it that I was, actually, very excited for it. The swatches of it are quite beautiful and pigmented, and while it’s a cream, it isn’t overly creamy. I’m very excited to try it out! HOWEVER, I have an issue with labeling. On the back, this says 0.035oz or 2g; this is not accurate, though, as 0.035oz is actually about 1 gram (and no, using fl oz would not be a reasonable solution, as this pigment is not twice as dense as water). Also, their full-size packaging has the correct number of grams on it…. Ugh. Deluxe sample, 1-2g? Retail value: $13 for 4g/0.14oz; $6.50 for 2g and $3.25 for 1g. Personal value: $3.25

  • NYX Butter Lipstick in Ripe Berry. NYX is a workhorse.  I don’t know how they manage to create so many different products, in so many shades, and have almost all of them be amazing. While the color, Ripe Berry, isn’t anything brand new to my collection, it is one of my favorite wine/berry colors! Full size, 4.5g. Retail value: $5.99. Personal value: $4.50 (I often get NYX on BOGO 1/2 off sales)
  • True Organic Pharmacy Lip & Eye Cream. When I saw this online, I was the least excited for it. I had it in my mind that this would be a balm and/or it would contain shea, and as it’s not a color product, I would be a bit disappointed. The good news: NO SHEA! I can use this! It’s also quite creamy when I tested it out on my hand, easily absorbed, and hydrating. The bag, though, is that I wasn’t into the smell. Full size, 10ml. Retail value: $48. Personal value: $5


    Trust Fund Beauty “I Give Good Tweet”

  • Trust Fund Beauty Nail Polish in I Give Good Tweet.
    So, first of all, what is up with the name? I’m sorry TFB, but the shade name is a huge turn-off for me. The actual polish is a shimmery medium-toned blue, which isn’t a bad color, but I am nervous for how it plays with my skin, and it’s by no stretch a color (or product, really) that I need or care to have in my collection. I have another Trust Fund Beauty polish which is… just okay. While painting the swatch, I did notice that this product seems to go on mostly opaque (would be a two-coat color) and wasn’t streaky. Consistency appeared very nice. Main concern, actually, is the color itself and the bottle’s shape and size (kind of awkward; I don’t believe I can get all product out of it) Full size, 17ml. Retail value: $15. Personal value: $3

I did mention that I also redeemed some points for a new lip balm. I had points expiring and decided to get a new balm as I’m almost done with my Project Pan balm.

I know it’s pretty blurry; sorry for potato quality. This is the noyah lip balm, and it’s mostly coconut oil, beeswax, and olive oil- meaning this is a product I can use and one I can make 😛 It contains some organic ingredients, which isn’t super important to me one way or another. It is apparently vanilla scented/flavored… and I will be honest, when I used it, I didn’t detect any flavor outside of something slightly sweet. It’s a balm. Full size, 4.25g Retail value: $3.99. Personal value: $2

Overall thoughts: Bag is hideous and I will never use it- no value given for that. I appreciate the size of the samples this month (most are full-size!), but I find that the retail value is highly inflated compared to my personal value. I know this is most likely because I’d never buy most of these things at full-price (like, a $48 eye cream for 10ml? That’s more than my primers). Retail value: $82.22 ($86.21 with balm add-on). Personal value: $19.75 ($21.75 with balm).


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