Unboxing // Sephora PLAY! February 2017


It seems like my monthly beauty boxes all came late this month, but perhaps that’s just because February is a short month…

I always let my Play! box be a secret. While I try not to peek at any variations, I do sometimes… but I mostly let myself be surprised when I open the package. This month, my initial impressions were quite high, but once I started looking at the products, I became less enthusiastic (this is in contrast from this month’s Ipsy bag, which I hated the aesthetic, but ended up quite liking the products).

Without further ado, here is what came in my Play! this month:


  • Clinique Pep Start Hydro Blur Moisturizer. So, I had mixed “first impressions” on this guy. I’m fairly ambivalent towards Clinique. While I typically like their aesthetics and want their products to work for me, they often use shea butter and I can’t use them. The idea of this “blurring” effect primer-moisturizer was very interesting to me, but I was also on the fence. Turns out this stuff does contain shea. Hrm. Deluxe sample, 7ml. Retail value: $4.43 (based off of mini price). Personal value: $0?
  • Bite Beauty Multistick in Cashew. The color idea (pinkish nude) is so typical that I felt very ambivalent about this product as well. I think it pairs with the aesthetic quite well, and it is a fairly “easy” color to use, but for me, it didn’t seem to be all that exciting even still. Also, while everybody raves about Bite Beauty’s lipstick formulas, they basically all contain shea, and this isn’t an exception. Hrm x2. Deluxe sample, 2.1g. Retail value: $10.50. Personal value: $0?
  • Tom Ford Neroli Portofino Fragrance. I’m unsure why they chose this fragrance, because the aesthetic of the box (and bag) has more of a “cozy cashmere” feel to me rather than a “sunny” feel. This fragrance is definitely a sunny/summer type of fragrance. I also dislike it. The citrus in it smells chemically, alcoholic, and just… not like a citrus I like. I do NOT get any bergamot in this. Small spritzer, 1.5ml. Retail value: $7.25 based off of 30ml bottle. Personal value: $0?
  • Too Faced Lip Injection Glossy in Milkshake. I’m not a huge gloss person, and I do not need any lip plumping products. That said, I don’t hate this product. Does it match the aesthetic? Yep. Does it smell good? Mhm! Can I even use this? Sure can! The swatch of it feels a little sticky, but it might pair nicely over the top of a liquid lip (maybe). Deluxe sample, 1ml. Retail value: $5.37. Personal value: $2
  • Sephora Lashcraft Length + Volume Mascara in Noir. First, I legit lol’d at the packaging. It said “$12 USD” on it, and I thought they meant the sample was worth that much. Nope, that’s just full-size value! The actual sample is so small, it feels smaller than a deluxe sample. Considering how I love my $8.50 full size Maybelline Waterproof Full n Soft, this would really have to wow me to consider purchasing this one. I’ll try it out, because mascara, but it seems… pretty simple/basic, and it’s not even waterproof. So. Much. Ugh. Deluxe sample, 2.8ml. Retail value: $3.45. Personal value: $2
  • Origins GinZing Refreshing Eye Cream. I’ve seen some beauty YouTubers talk about this, so I was decently excited to see it. Then I read the ingredients and saw… shea. The idea of it is great though- it has caffeine and some hydrating ingredients to boost your undereye area, and lately I’ve needed that. Just wish it used something other than shea. Deluxe sample, 5ml. Retail value: $10. Personal value: $0?

Overall: Retail Value: $41. Personal value: $4. Overall, the aesthetic of this month’s box was pretty cohesive, and I did like it! To me, it felt like a box for quick, easy mornings that still allow you to look put together, products that fit in a “cashmere and chill” routine, where you want to look nice but subdued, perfect for a lazy late winter Saturday. The one product that didn’t fit that aesthetic at all? The Neroli perfume. This only fits as the “doing the dishes” part of a typical Saturday. In terms of value, this box could definitely be a good value for those who are not shea sensitive, since 3 of the 6 products (also, all the ones with any actual retail value) contain shea ingredients. Because my own personal value is so low, I’m torn between trying out/patch testing the shea products (perhaps they do not contain enough to bother me, or perhaps I can work around it) or just trying to sell/swap them.

I know Sephora cannot guarantee that products will be free of ingredients any subscriber is allergic or sensitive to, but I do think it’s fair for me to be a bit pissy about this one. I could’ve gotten the Velvet Lip Glide (a product I have a small sample of and love and would buy a full-size if I had more experience with them) and the Divine Decadence fragrance. I could’ve gotten the Lip Rescue (which would fit my profile better) and Prada Candy (which I would’ve liked better, definitely). I’m so mad at my box right now that I’m glad there’s only one of me because I just can’t even. 


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