SftPF // Swatch of Maybelline Dream Cushion in 10 Porcelain

I’ve been a bit busy lately and thus haven’t had the time yet to do a full review of the new Maybelline Dream Cushion foundation. I picked this up for around $16 from my local CVS, when I went in to grab some medicine. Here’s a quick arm swatch for you all and my first impression.

MAC Waterweight in NW13; Maybelline Dream Cushion in Porcelain; Mizon Snail Repair BB

The Dream Cushion foundation is in the middle. I pressed lightly on the Cushion with my finger to swatch, and I blended it out a bit on top. To the left, we have MAC Studio Waterweight in NW13, blended out a bit to the left. On the right is a swatch of Mizon Snail Repair BB (one shade only), which is also blended a bit. I chose those two because my favorite ones were still packed up from a recent trip, and the others I had on hand have not been used enough for me to use them as a color indicator.

The formula, just based on my swatch, felt pretty nice. Definitely not the most hydrating thing I’ve swatches, but by far not the most drying.

Now… the color? I have used some Maybelline foundations before in other Dream products (in similar shades- 10 Porcelain/Ivory, 5 Warm Porcelain, etc). This one, to me, looks ridiculously dark for being “Porcelain.” It may be similar to the Porcelain shade in their Fit Me Dewy and Smooth line, which is darker and more orange than their Matte and Poreless line.

I am planning on reviewing this, sometime soon, but because it does look a little dark in the swatch, I’m a bit nervous. Plus, I have some other foundations and base products I need to review as well. I do plan on keeping this product at least until the summer, though, because it does look about right for my summer skin when I’ve gotten a bit of sun, and I do plan on actually going out into the sun this summer.


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