An Apology (I Need Your Input!)

Hey everybody!

My blog has been running for a bit over a year now, and with that year, I’ve had some major ups and downs, both in terms of my own personal life and, inevitably, in terms of activity here on Lucy Does Things.

The past month or so, I’ve started thinking about switching up my content and media formats. As I’ve been watching more YouTube reviews, hauls, and first impressions, I’ve thought that perhaps for some of my content (such as foundation reviews), videos might be more effective.

Of course, this poses it’s own set of challenges. I’ve filmed several ideas, trying to get more comfortable behind a camera, but I’m not sure if I’m quite there yet. It’s not just about being comfortable filming; I’m awkward in general, and I don’t mind the camera picking up on that. It’s more about getting settings right- where should I film? How should I do lights? Do I need to get a stand-alone microphone? I purchased a 1080p webcam that can be used with a tripod- will this be enough, or will I need to get a professional camera? My inner perfectionist wants everything to be just right before I go on to do full videos, but I think I also need to accept that this isn’t going to happen… Clearly I am not at that acceptance stage yet.

There’s also another challenge: what do I post on video vs on text/photo? While my blog is called “Lucy Does Things” because I wanted this to be about all of my hobbies and interests, I still feel compelled (and expected) to do mostly beauty and makeup. I would love to open my blog up into some candid talks about mental health, from what my personal story is to what various disorders are. I’d love to talk about how we treat disorders and how we can give empathy and support when we are not mental health professionals. I’d love to go into scientific principles and open up a more educational route, as math and science are a big part of my life (and two things I believe I can teach well). But the question is- how do I get from YOU all, who predominantly are here from beauty blogging, to those who would be interested in, and benefit from, understanding concepts of psych, chem, bio… etc.

So, I apologize. The past few weeks have been difficult for me personally. First- I’ve spent many weekends working, traveling, or cleaning. Second- I’m turning 23 soon, and my birthday is also the anniversary of a friend’s passing, which happened during a particularly trying year for me as well. All of this adds up, and when I try to film something like an Ipsy Unboxing, I end up so drained at the end that I don’t have the energy to do a full unboxing post as well.

I also want to reassure you all: posts are coming back. Until I can get my filming setup figured out, I will be posting some new text/photo posts. I’m unsure if I’ll get any SftPF posts up- I have one that I do really want to post about, but I’m not sure when I’ll have the time given my job. However, there will be many more subscription unboxing posts- as well as overviews of sub boxes- from both beauty subs and some new book subscriptions I’ve recently decided to try. I’m also hoping to get some new DIY/tutorials, product reviews, storage solutions… and I’m also planning on getting into some mental health related posts.

All of this said, I would like some input from those who follow me: what do you think of including videos? What type of content would you want to see in a video vs a text/photo post? What content, in general, would you want to see? Questions, comments, and concerns are always welcome.

Thank you everybody!

Love, Lucy


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