Haul // Sephora 2017 Birthday Gift: Tarte Set

If you are not aware, every year Sephora gives Beauty Insiders (of all statuses) a choice of a birthday gift during their month of birth (according to your profile). There are usually two options: a skin care set or a makeup set. This year, Caudalie is featured for skin care and Tarte for makeup. There also happens to be a third option, also skin care, available online only, with Jack Black as the featured brand.

Last year, I chose the skin care option- and I am usually fairly partial towards skin care (despite not focusing much on it on here). However, I’m not a huge fan of Jack Black products, and I actually have one of the Caudalie deluxe samples already. So, this year I opted for the Tarte set!

This set contains two deluxe samples: Tarteist Lip Paint in the shade “Birthday Suit” and an Amazonian Clay Blush in the shade “Paaarty.” Both shades are exclusive to Sephora and you cannot buy them at Ulta or other retailers.

Asa duo, they look cute! They are mini/deluxe sample sized, which is normal for birthday gifts (and, at least to me, preferable anyway). Their colors are similar in pan- a dusty, light warmer peach.

The blush picked up on my finger similarly to the other shades I have in the clay formula, although it felt a tad dustier.

Both products swatched on my wrist nicely. They are both on the warm side, and they fit well with last year’s peach trend in a more muted way, but the lipstick is more on the brown side and a bit darker. They work well together. While I don’t have any lipsticks that come to mind as possible dupes for Birthday Suit, the Paaarty blush reminds me a bit of Too Faced’s Babg Love or even slightly of Lorac’s Tinge. A comparison post may have to follow sometime soon!

Personally, for my coloring, I’m unsure about these. Warmer lips usually do not read well with my skin tone, but the blush might work. The pictures Sephora posted made these shades look much more pink-toned, so I would be lying if I said I wasn’t a tad disappointed.

Now, down to size and value. This blush is 1.5g (again, mini size). With how one uses blush, this is a great size! Full size blushes are 5.6g and retail for $29 on Sephora’s website, making this blush worth about $7.77.The lipstick is 1ml. This may look and feel quite small to many, but 1ml will actually last quite a while unless it is your HG/wear every day shade. Their full-size lip paints are 6ml and retail for $20, making this lipstick worth $3.33. This value isn’t as great, but it is a great introduction to the formula. Total, this birthday gift has a retail value of $11.10. Sure, some may feel disappointed about the value… For a free gift, this isn’t bad at all to me, though!

I have yet to try these on my face as I have gone makeup-free while my skin sorts some of its yuckiness out, but I’m curious to hear what you all think! What birthday gift did you get or are you planning to get? Let me know!


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