Sub Boxes // Julep May 2017 Reveal Open NOW!

Julep’s box selection opened up today, April 20th, and will be open until the end of the day on April 24th (Monday night). This month is titled “Sun Crush,” and it features sunny, warm-weather approved products.May_17_edit_my_box_header_01

May’s featured products include two previous skincare items (No Excuses Sunscreen Gel and Mint Condition Pedi Creme), one previous haircare product (Sea Salt Texturizing Spray), plus seven new polishes.

While you have been able to purchase the sunscreen gel for several months (and I have two bottles myself), the foot creme and texture spray are two old products that they have re-packaged and are re-releasing, so you can’t buy either product from the store yet.

Their new polishes are all matte shimmer shades- which means they will dry down matte vs glossy, but contain shimmer to them. These new shades are:

  • Eve, an “irridescent lilac matte shimmer.”
  • Channon, a “water lily white matte shimmer.”
  • Lida, a “sunflower yellow matte shimmer.”
  • Alexandria, a “coral oasis matte shimmer.”
  • Marina, a “royal raspberry matte shimmer”
  • Rendee, an “ultraviolet matte shimmer.”
  • Sarain, an “Emerald Isle matte shimmer.”

As usual, there are several box selections to choose from plus a few upgrades. Standard boxes range in price depending upon how many boxes you pay for at a time. I am grandfathered in to a single box at $19.99, but new subscribers pay $24.99 for a single box, $19.99/box when they prepare for 3 boxes. Upgrades range from +$10 (for all skin/hair care items), to +$20 (all polishes), to +$40 (all products in the collections).

As usual, you can select several product to swap in/out of your box. This month, they have many makeup products to select from, including what appears to be a full range of their It’s Whipped and It’s Balm formulas, several Light On Your Lips shades, many of their gel eyeliners, a few brow products… the list goes on.

This month, Julep selected “Sunnies & Sangria” for me- this includes Channon, Marina, and No Excuses sunscreen. Out of all the boxes, this one is most “me,” so I’m pleased with the curation. I have their texture spray still from their first release, and the pedi creme contains Shea butter- plus Channon and Marina are definitely the two most “me” color from the box! However I still have plenty sunscreen, and all of their polishes, as a collective, are calling me, so I decided to curate my own box…

A Serendipitous Tip for Polish Lovers:

Four of the new polishes are available for add-on in sets- making them cheaper than the normal $7 add-on for new polishes:

  • Shimmering Ocean, which features Tomi (a shade I already have), Rendee, and Channon for $11.99.
  • Mani & Mimosas, which features some gold triangle nail decals, Eve, and Marina for $10.99.

Since a My Maven box can hold three polishes (and this month, an additional small product, like buffing blocks or a kaolin clay sponge), you can, theoretically, get all seven new polishes, plus an older shade (Tomi), plus some nail decals, plus another small item for $3 more than the Polish Lover upgrade- might be worth it!

So, what are you looking at getting? Will you be looking towards skincare this month? Or perhaps you have plans for sunny, colorful nails? Or is nothing speaking to you? Let me know in the comments below what your plan is! I look forward to my unboxing post in the beginning of May 🙂


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