Unboxing // Ipsy April 2017: “Sideshow”

My April Ipsy bag came a bit over a week ago, but I simply haven’t gotten to the posting… with everything going on in my life, I pushed most unboxing posts off to the side… No pun intended.

Honestly, this month’s theme did seem to foreshadow how I’d feel about it in general: side products. You know- the products that aren’t amazing but just… okay. Those who play a supporting role or simply supplement the better products.

Let’s start with the bag:

While I’m sure some people would enjoy this design, I find it a bit… lackluster. Compared to how beautiful and functional March’s bag was, this April carnival-inspired ticket-bag is kind of…. boring. The idea is cute and fits the theme, but it holds a pitiful amount. Ugh.

Now, onto the products and curation: 

  • OFRA Cosmetics Rendezvous Blush. I do like Ofra products, so honestly I wasn’t too disappointed to see an Ofra blush in my bag. However, the color I received isn’t quite right. Ipsy describes this as a “classic, cool-toned, soft rose.” It does not look cool-toned to me; it actually looked medium-deep and on the warmer side of a red, slightly muted. The other two shades, Peach and Format, would not be great for me either; Peach is very warm-toned, and Format is a very warm bronze shade. I don’t know how much use I’ll get out of this. Full size, 4g. Retail value: $12 (via ofracosmetics.com)
  • Elizabeth Mott Show Me Your Glow Shadow & Highlight. The main ingredient in this stuff is synthetic fluorphlogopite (after talc, of course). I happen to like fluorphlogopite- it gives a very subtle, gentle glow. This formula feels buttery and nice, but it is also just a bit too subtle. It’s also painfully small compared to most full-size samples… What is this, a sample for ants?! Deluxe sample, 0.7g. Retail value: $1.75 (via elizabethmott.com)

    Left to right:
     Redezvous blush, Show My Your Glow highlight, Cupuacu Butter balm, Swerve liner

  • Theorie Marula Oil Transforming Hair Serum. Pros: sulfate free and safe for my color-treated hair. Cons: I have so many hair oils and serums; I don’t know how useful this will be. They do say you can use this by adding a few drops into conditioner, so I might try that. Still unsure. Deluxe sample, 10ml. Retail value: $2.10-$2.60 (via us.LookFantastic.com)
  • Adesse New York Cupuacu Butter Lip Balm. I don’t really need any more lip balms, but this one is nice- no shea (so I can actually use it), and the cupuacu butter is a good addition to add some hydration and softness. It has a soft scent to it, which I would describe as a bit cinnamon-like, but it is supposed to be ginger mint. It isn’t overpowering but still isn’t my favorite. It is also tinted- it’s a very natural, slightly peachy color that gives a tiny bit of glow. Full size, 3g. Retail value: $24 (via adesseny.com)
  • ColourPop Creme Gel Liner in Swerve. This is the product I actually “chose” with their new product selection service- I actually said I would take DTLA (navy) or Best  O (burgundy) as well, but they sent me Swerve, the lease exciting of the colors and my least wanted. Out of all the options, I chose the gel liner because nothing else spoke to me, and I’m always up to try a new hyped product. Swerve is a basic black color, and it has swatched well enough- but it smudges very easily. Full size, 0.2g. Retail value: $5

Overall: 3 full-size items, 2 deluxe samples. Retail value: $44.85- $45.35 (not including the bag)

Obviously, I haven’t done a personal value analysis- I simply haven’t had the experience with these items to know what I think yet. For $10, I’m okay with the bag, but I definitely do not think this was worth $45- even at $15, I’d have a hard time purchasing this bag.

Do you subscribe to Ipsy? If so, what came in your bag this month? Let me know your questions, comments, or concerns below!



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