Review // Harry Potter Wand Eye Brushes (NOT from Storybook Cosmetics)

A while ago, Storybook Cosmetics came out with wand-themed brushes- and I pined after them for some time.


Yes, they looked beautiful and well-made… but at $55+$7.50 shipping (inside the US!), I couldn’t justify it… But I saw some Harry Potter themed brushes from another website (erm… eBay) at a much more affordable price.

Normally I’m wary about ordering brushes and cosmetics off of eBay or other sites similar. I never know what it is I’ll actually be getting. However, as a Harry Potter-themed collector, I knew that even if these were duds, I’d still display them and they would have value to me (just not, you know, $60+ worth of value).


The brushes themselves came in a Storybook Cosmetics labelled bag of decent quality, which prompted me to re-google the company and confirm that while these come in a labelled bag, they are most certainly not the “real deal.” I did not buy them to be the “real deal,” so I’m not upset about this- but I want to reiterate to you so there is no confusion.

Now, onto some details:


  • Small tapered shadow/crease brush, in the style of Harry Potter’s wand. At least, I think that’s what this one is. The is a brush tip I don’t think I’ve ever used. It isn’t a flat brush, like what is typically used for shadows, but it isn’t fluffy or long enough to be used for blending. It’s not a C-shape like the crease brushes I use, either.
  • Angled eyeliner brush, in the style of Hermione’s wand. The bristles aren’t as dense or as stiff as I typically like for lining, and they also appear a little thicker, so it would create a thicker/wider line.
  • Angled blending brush, in the style of Ron’s wand. Very loosely packed for blending, I guess.
  • Eye shadow base brush, in the style of Voldemort’s wand. A little smaller than my other similar brushes, this looks a bit like a concealer brush actually…
  • Tapered blending brush, in the style of Dumbledore’s wand.

Design Quality: This is what I actually bought the brushes for, so it’s important to note what the designs look like. While each brush is recognizable as the inspiration’s wand, the design details get lost in the metal casting. Harry and Ron’s wand look quite similar as the small details which would show the grain of the wood is lost. The intricate detail in Hermione’s (which I have a legit replica from Harry Potter World) is almost entirely lost.

Brush quality: The actual handles do have a good bit of weight to them, and the ferrule feels firm (no wobble). The bristles are soft (not scratchy), and they are definitely synthetic hairs. They are dyed/bleached to look like duo fiber, but do NOT perform like duo fibers and most definitely are not! These perform decently, but let’s just say you most likely will not want to swap out your current favorites for any of these. These exist for display for me, but not to actually use.


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