Unboxing // Notoriously Morbid Vanishing Cabinet April 2017: “Sour Ground”

Time for another indie unboxing! I think I somehow got too distracted when March’s Vanishing Cabinet came out, but I wasn’t going to miss two in a row! This came on April 20th (usually they ship out mid-month), and the theme this month? “Sour Ground” to celebrate Stephen King’s Pet Semetary!

This month is a little bit different. This collection contains FOUR shadows plus a shimmer balm- probably the most product I’ve received in one of these boxes yet! Why are there four shadows? Notoriously Morbid actually asked their Vanishing Cabinet members what changes they’d like to see, and apparently we wanted to see a “cohesive look.” This, this box contains a transition shade, crease shade, lid shade, and inner corner highlight.


  • Sometimes Dead is Better. This is the transition shade. It’s a pretty light ashy gre matte shade- literally, it looks like ashes. This worries me, as it looks much lighter than most transition shades.
  • Each Buries His Own. This is the crease shade. Color-wise, this looks like a medium chocolatey brown with a hint of purple or burgundy. It’s not intensely purple, but it does have a reddish-purplish tone to it. This is also matte.
  • Soil of a Man’s Heart. As the lid-shade, this one actually has some glitter! It’s base is a medium bright warm pink matte with flecks of shimmer in both gold and… purple? It’s a confusing shade.
  • Wanna Play With You. Described as “semi-loose,” this is the inner corner highlight. This is different in that it contains carnauba wax and some silicones and other types of binders. This is a very shimmer shade, which I’d describe as a base of light peach with strong gold, purple, and peach shimmer. It is actually very beautiful!

Finally, the lip balm:

  • Sinister Sprite Lip Shimmer in “Resurrection.” I’m new to this product, but from the beginning, I could tell it smelled so good that I opened this up and swatched it before reading the ingredients… how many college degrees does it take to read the ingredients list? This is a medium-tinted, semi-shimmer balm- the color is a nice purple, and it smells like artificial berry flavoring. It reminds me of Bonnie Bell Lip Smackers, and I wish it wasn’t made with shea because I want to use it!

With flash


It’s not great quality, but this is the only picture I have with the full eye look!


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