Unboxing // Fandom of the Month April 2017

I’ve posted a couple unboxings from FotM, last summer when I had a few month’s subscription. I decided to cancel it after the Harry Potter themed box, as I didn’t really use accessories a lot with my new job. For some reason, though, I was craving some fandom/geekery themed jewelry and decided to re-sub for the April box!


Judging from the initial impression (and the fact that Lorac just release a Pirate’s of the Caribbean themed collection), I assumed that this was a collection designed for the new Pirates movie!


The box contains three pieces of jewelry, a really cute little bag to put them all in, and a fridge magnet. The bag is quite a bit different from the ones I’m used to- instead of being a thin muslin draw-top bag, this one has a zipper! It’s more functional, in my opinion. The magnet this month is a simple skull-and-crossbones, which fits the theme but also feels a bit…. lackluster. I liked the silhouette designs of the three I already have.

Now, the jewelry. In other FotM unboxings, I’ve noted that the quality is actually pretty good. I’ve seen a lot cheaper quality items for sale in well-known stores. This month, the quality was amazing for all three pieces, and it seems that the owner really put a lot into the design!

  • Ring: While this is a little “heavy” for me to wear normally, the design is great. It’s a tarnished gold/brass looking “treasure chest,” and yes… it actually opens! To reveal gems! It has a magnet to keep the chest closed normally, and three small jewelry gems are hidden inside.
  • Earrings. These are designed, I believe, to look like doubloons (I’m fairly certain this is the “Aztec gold” coin from one of the movies). Quality again is great, but because it’s made out of actual metal, it’s much heavier than I’m comfortable wearing normally.
  • Necklace: This is my favorite piece because of how unique it is- plus it’s made more from a silver base, and that works better on my skin (usually). The design is super interesting. There is the anchor as the pendant base, plus two charms hand off of it, a small compass design and a larger Jack Sparrow quote.IMG_7068

All in all, while Pirate’s is not a franchise I am strongly into, I do like the theme and find that everything fits together, very well. While one could theoretically wear all pieces, it makes most sense to me to wear one out of the collection at a time, which makes the difference in metals/colors of the jewelry flow easier. I’m most impressed with the necklace, and I’ll probably find a time to wear it this summer!


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