Makeup Rehab // Introducing: Two Month Low/No-Buy (May-June 2017)

Something about late Spring always brings that fresh, bouncy feeling of determination. April was full of absolute gluttony in many ways… and I need to get my life back in track. Part of this is me actually, actively trying to get my health in order; another part… my fiscal health needs some work!

So, I’m going on another Low/No-Buy! I did this at the end of 2016 with some success, but I think I need to do it again to put some funds back into my savings accounts (especially as I plan on applying for graduate programs this year). During my first low/no-buy, I wrote out some rules- and this time around, I’m doing something very, very similar:

  1. No new purchases on non-essential (beauty + lifestyle) items. If I have to enter in CC info for anything- that’s a new purchase. If I have to go through any kind of “check out” process, that’s a new purchase.
    1. This means that beauty boxes I already sub to are okay to keep, but I do hope to think critically about them during this time to decide if they are worth keeping or not.
    2. If I absolutely run out of an item type that I do need, I can purchase a replacement- but it’s got to fit inside my budget.
  2. For July, I can earn my budget based on how well I do during May and June:
    1. If I sell any items, half of the earnings will go to my savings and the other half will go to July’s budget
    2. Going through my collection, destashing items, reviewing items, etc earns back portions of my budget as well.
    3. In addition, success in trying to get my health back on track will partially influence budget for July.
  3. And with regards to beauty-related presents- they still have a place within my budget, but the key word here is “budget.”

I know it’s already a few days into May, but I am happy to say I’ve been, following this no-buy really well. I’ve got all my bills paid off and I’m excited to build up my savings a bit more during these months.



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