Unboxing // Trunk Club Month 1: Try-On

Trunk Club is my first style service box. I won’t get too into the details of how it works, but essentially when you sign up, you’re paired with a stylist and you go through size and preferences both in a questionnaire and directly with your stylist. They then put together a box of 10 items to ship to you, and you have five days once the box arrives to try on the clothes and decide what you like and what you don’t. You keep what you want and return what you don’t like. Each trunk has a $25 styling fee, but that is applied as a credit to your account for whatever items you keep in your box. If you have a Nordstrom’s card and use that as your method of payment, the $25 fee is waived.

My stylist’s name is Stefania, and since we’re still in the first month, we’re still getting to know each other. This is the trunk she picked out for me:

To be frank, I’m still getting to know my own body (and accept it as it is currently), so I really I struggled to decide if I wanted to include photos of myself trying on the items. Most of these items didn’t work for me- the jeans, for example, gave me the HUGEST muffin top that I couldn’t even look in the mirror with them on. The olive jacket simply didn’t fit me in any way, and so I only tried that one on as part of the “outfit ideas.”

In an attempt to not let my body image issues get in the way of content, here are (most) of the items this month!

Print Pleat Back Sleeveless Split Neck Blouse | White | NYDJ | $30

white top

This didn’t really “do” anything for me, and I have a basic white blouse already.

Chiffon Cold Shoulder Top | Coral | Chelsea28 | $59

coral top

This felt a little too boxy and short to wear with anything but leggings, and to be honest, I don’t think I’m in love with the color or the “cold shoulder” style.

Linen One Button Blazer | Tan | Caslon | $69

camel blazer

This one isn’t bad, but the color won’t be useful for me personally and it’s pulling a bit and accentuating my tummy. Stefania is going to include this, in a different color, in my next trunk (hopefully I’ll have lost a spot of weight by them).

Ruched Sleeve Blazer | Black | Eliza J | $78

black blazer

No, it doesn’t look amazing on me, but here’s what I like about this: the ruched sleeve is very comfortable and definitely my style, the shoulders fit, and as I lose weight and become less bloated, it’ll still fit me as a blazer because of how it fits in my breasts and shoulders. I’ve been needing and looking for a black blazer that fits in my shoulders!

Stitch Strip Sweater Dress | Black + Orange | Halogen | $99

striped dress

I liked the material of this dress, but the burnt orange color didn’t look great on me, and the stripes didn’t do much for my shape either. Also, the length made me feel even more blocky, stocky, and short. No thanks.

Jeans Bell Sleeve Poplin Dress | Navy | WAYF | $75

navy dress

I really liked the color and overall style of the dress, but the sleeves itched my wrist and the shoulders slouched off easily, making the whole style look sloppy.

Shift Dress | Navy + Green | Eliza J | $118

fun dress

Now, I really, truly loved this dress. Like the Eliza J blazer I am keeping, this dress isn’t perfect, but it is fun, shows my personality, is modest but doesn’t make me look blocky, and feels really comfortable on. This is another item that I think will wear well as I lose weight. I originally was NOT keeping this due to the price tag, but my stylist told me it was on sale atm for $70.80- and at that price, I feel more comfortable keeping it.

Outfit Ideas:

outfit ideas

These are two outfit ideas my stylist sent to me- I’ve been over the two items in the first (I think together, they do look interesting, but it’s still not me). The second one contains the white shirt and another item, the Slouchy Jacket by Trouve in the shade Olive. This is an $89 jacket, and the material was actually sheer, lightweight, and a bit scratchy. It also was too long and made me look super short, didn’t fit in the shoulders (too big there), and in general was not a good fit, so I didn’t want to take any more pictures with it.

The two jeans I didn’t feature: the black jeans were from KUT from the Kloth (“Piper Skinny Jeans”) and were $42.  The white pair were $69 and were the 5 Pocket Jeans by Two by Vince Camuto. Now, the black jeans were way too long (needed to be cuffed twice!!!), and the white pair was too loose through the legs… but again, they both didn’t fit my waist at all. Ugh.

So, there you have it! My first experience with Trunk Club! My returns are on their way, and as soon as they have them processed, Stefania will curate my second trunk- we’ve already discussed the fit, color, and style issues I had with many of these items.


3 thoughts on “Unboxing // Trunk Club Month 1: Try-On

  1. Always Cleia says:

    I’ve been curious about trying a clothing subscription for a while now, but style varies so much from person to person that I don’t know if I could trust a stylist to choose something that is “me”. Hopefully your next month works out better for you!


    • Lucy Does Things says:

      There’s always trial and error in anything personalized! It took me several months of “shopping around” to decide on one. I think I’m going to eventually get a Nordstrom’s card and use that as my payment method so my boxes become free, so there’s no penalty if I hate everything (or just don’t have budget room).


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