Haul // JustFab Summer Shoes + Bags

Usually, I skip my JustFab monthly credit charge. Don’t get me wrong here- I love the website and some of their clothes and shoes are my favorite! However, I usually wait for some good sales and then pay up-front. However… some months I forget to log in, especially when my life is whirling around. As part of my “treat yo self” mentality around my birthday (birthmonth?), I decided to spend the JustFab credits I had from forgetting to skip several months.

The Shoes.



These shoes are super cute black and white striped ballet flats. I got them in size 7, and what I really needed was a size 6.5W. I can make do with these, even if they are a little bit too long, and the return process always costs more and is annoying anyway.



These scrappy white sandals were in the “wide” collection- I was able to get a size 7W! They are a little too long (I’d need a 6.5W, but the smallest wide size they carry is a 7), but they are super cute. Perfect for the summer.


This was another one that came in wide width, and yes, I did get a 7W… also yes, it’s slightly too big! I got them in the shade “lilac,” and I think they are a perfect soft romantic color. The straps make the top-down view look ridiculous, but they also keep the heels on so I can walk super easily despite being obviously a bit too big.

The Bags.


This super cute black bag is actually a backpack style. I don’t normally go for backpack bags, but this felt more sophisticated, and when I travel more, I think it would be the perfect second carry-on, as this can fit my small laptop along with my normal purse things.


I picked this shoulder/crossbody bag in the shade “blush,” which is a peachy pink and felt  like a wonderful choice for spring/summer. Off to the side, there are zippers that zip up to create more width in the bag- and it’s got lots of pockets!

In the end, I got all five items for $4 + 3 JustFab credits (that’s ~$124 total). The two bags retailed for $50 and $40 respectively, but I got them both for $39.95- woo! The shoes weren’t on sale, but I really did want to try out their wide width shoes. Once they expand their wide selection, I’m sure I’ll be looking at their shoes more often 🙂


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