Unboxing // Julep May 2017

Ahhh! It’s that time again- the time to look at my Julep box!

This month’s theme was “Sun Crush,” and look at how beautiful all these polishes are. I did get a very polish-heavy box this month (and because of that, it was quite expensive).

In my box, I picked up:

  • Kaolin Clay Konjac Sponge. I love their konjac sponges- I know I can find cheaper ones at TJ Maxx, but I just really like these (especially with their travel case). I like to have one extra on hand for whenever I need to replace my old one.
  • Sarai. “Emerald Isle Matte Shimmer” (May 2017 polish)
  • Lida. “Sunflower Yellow Matte Shimmer” (May 2017 polish)
  • Alexandria. “Coral Oasis Matte Shimmer” (May 2017 polish)

I also added on:

  • Shimmering Ocean:
    • Tomi. A shade I already have and will be gifting to my sister.
    • Rendee. “Ultraviolet Matte Shimmer” (May 2017 polish)
    • Channon. “Water Lily White Matte Shimmer” (May 2017 polish)
  • Mani & Mimosas:
    • Gold Triangle Nail Decals. Pretty straight forward!
    • Eve. “Iridescent Lilac Matte Shimmer” (May 2017 polish)
    • Marina. “Royal Raspberry Matte Shimmer” (May 2017 polish)
  • Brandilyn. “Galactic Blue Iridescent” (unsure what collection this is from)
  • Free gift for adding on three polishes, Pam. “Tigerlily Holographic.”

I did, in a roundabout way, manage to get all seven of the new May polishes. Here they all are:


Sarai, Rendee, Eve, Marina, Alexandria, Lida, Channon.



They were all a bit sheer- I needed two coats to get something that looked at least mostly opaque for most of the new shades. They did go on a little liquid, and very much like normal satin-finish polish, but you could tell they were dry when they went matte- making them perfect to tell when your nails are ready for a second coat.

Now, I did mention two new-to-me polishes outside of this collection: Pam and Brandilyn.


Both of these shades were actually quite beautiful and swatched well.

You may be wondering why I didn’t choose the Polish Lover’s upgrade. The Polish Lover’s upgrade is +$20 for any given month, making it $40 for me, or +$40 as an add-on. I wanted the konjac sponge no matter what, so even if I did choose the Polish Lover’s upgrade, I’d have spent ~$47 anyway. Doing it this way, I was able to get all seven polishes, two other polishes, a polish to send to my sister, nail decals, and the konjac sponge for only $48. Definitely a steal if you ask me!



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