Unboxing // BookCase.club May 2017

As I write this, I’m sitting on the couch under several blankets. I’ve had a rough 24 hours. I woke up at night with a high fever and could not get warm. I was under four large blankets and a wearing my Hello Kitty footie pajamas. Fast forward a couple hours, and I’m collapsing on the way to the bathroom, then again when I realized I was probably super dehydrated and went to get water… It was miserable. My heart was racing (asleep, my bpm was in the 90s), and I couldn’t quite catch my breath. When urgent care opened, Boyfriend took me there. After three and a half hours at urgent care, they sent me to the ER… where I spent about two and a half hours. No idea what actually happened. Their best guess is a viral infection, but they don’t know where it is or what it is- we just know it’s not the flu, strep, pneumonia, kidney infection, or a pulmonary embolism.

All of this on a workday. Ugh.

At the ER, they put me on a saline drip and let me rest. After a while, my heart rate dropped from the 110/120s down to around 95, and my blood pressure stabilized around 95/55. They released me. Boyfriend was with me for all six hours of the day, and while I’ve been out for about five hours (note: this is pre-written and scheduled), I’m still not doing super great.

Which is why, when I came home to find my Bookcase.Club package, I was pretty excited! This is my first ever Bookcase.Club box, and I wasn’t sure entirely what to expect. I signed up in the middle of April, so I knew my first box would be May, and I got the “Strange Worlds” box, which includes books in the science fiction/fantasy genre.

The package itself looks pretty inviting and gender non-specific. The dark blue felt nice on my eyes, and it’s a color and pattern that anybody can enjoy, which is nice. What matters more than the outside packaging, though, is what’s inside!

Inside, I received two hard-cover books. Two. Hard-cover. Note that this subscription is $9.99+$5/shipping, so you really are getting a great deal. Two hardcover books for $15?! When you buy a longer subscription, you get a bigger discount, too. I chose the 3-month plan for $28 (plus shipping), which makes this box about $14.33. It isn’t a great discount, but I do like starting a new sub box with a 3-month term.

Now, the books I got look pretty substantial…

  • The Cinder Spires: The Aeronaut’s Windlass by Jim Butcher. The dust jacket says this book retails for $27.95 USD. It is 630 pages, and the pages and font size themselves remind of the Harry Potter books, so this is a large read, but not unmanageable (I’m looking at you, early-published Ernest Hemingway). This is the first book of this “new” series- in quotes because this was published in 2015. I appreciate that they sent the first in a series- if I like this book, I might want to read the other books too! This is supposed to be a steam-punk futuristic dystopian style book, which is interesting to me. The dystopian society theme has been kind of over-done in my opinion lately, but this may be a good one! Estimated time to read: ~10 hours
  • Armada by Ernest Cline. The dust jacket on this 349-page book suggest a MSRP of $26 USD.  While this has just a bit above half the pages as the other one, the font size appears smaller, so it won’t read as quickly. It was also published in 2015. I’m more hesitant about this one, because it’s supposedly about alien-encounter/war. It’s not that I dislike alien-themed things; I just worry it will be too action and involve too much fighting. But hey- it’s got some video game overtones, apparently, and that’s pretty cool. Estimated time to read: ~6 hours

Overall, I’m excited to read these books. While I sit and do… nothing… trying to recover from this mystery illness, I’ll probably start reading one of these. I’m curious to see if I’ll be able to read these before next month’s come. Perhaps I could do a book review, too! Once I’m feeling better, of course 🙂


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