Haul // What I Picked Up in Milwaukee: Clothing and Lifestyle Items

Did I mention recently how I’m doing a two month no/low buy? My biggest challenge when doing no/low buys is feeling bored with the stuff I already have. New pretties are fun! In my attempt to make these first few weeks much easier, I’m trying to go through all my new things, everything I hauled, and really appreciate these items.

While I was visiting my sis in Milwaukee, we went shopping… a lot. One day, we spent four hours (yes, four) in a vintage/thrift shop. Actually, it was more of a warehouse, with three floors in a giant building. It was arranged into little showrooms based on various finders/vendors. It was super cool!

Finds from Antiques on Pierce

While my sister often has to look at everything in vintage stores, I found myself too cold, too tired, hungry, and in general a little overwhelmed. I ended up sitting down on a vintage chair for the last (third) floor while she looked around. I did, however, end up getting two items:

“Sister” bracelet: 


My sister and I have had a rocky relationship in our teen (and college) years, but whenever we would get along, “sister” items were big. Even in college, we’d go to Target and find matching pants to get as “sister” jeans. You’ll see some more “sister” items on here. At the vintage store, we found a two-bangle set; one bangle was white and the other was a warm-toned red. They had matching designs on them. We decided to get the set, and the white bracelet would be mine, and she would take the red one.

Peach Vintage Mid-Century Oriental Robe


hate calling things “oriental” because it really does muddle up several different cultures. When I refer to this as “oriental,” it’s because I literally am not sure what culture this is from. If you know, I’d be more than happy to change “oriental” to what it actually is!

Anyway, I have a thing for styles like this, I don’t know why; I just do. I have no idea why or when I would wear this robe, but it was so beautiful and actually looked nice on me, so my sis and I both said, “We’re celebrating!” and purchased it.

Finds from TJ Maxx

Where I live, we have one TJM. One. It also opened up only a few years ago. There are about 5 or 6 within reasonable driving distance from my sister, and while I visited her, we went to two. Not all of my TJM lifestyle and clothing finds are fun- but most are!

Pug Mug


So there’s a story with this. I don’t hide my affinity for pugs, especially after my sweet Cinnamon passed away a year and a half ago. My sister also had a pug named Porsche, and we got them at the same time- they were sisters, and when I was picking out my pug, my sister couldn’t leave one last pug alone. “They’re sisters. We can’t split them up, mom!” Now, I wanted Cinnamon because she climbed into my lap and fell asleep when we met her, but Porsche was a little more… special. She didn’t seem to understand anything around her, another reason why we felt like we couldn’t separate the two. When we were at TJM, we found two pug mugs exactly alike, but one had a chip on it. We wanted both- one to commemorate Cinnamon and one to commemorate Porsche.

Unfortunately, when we went to ring them up, the SA said he couldn’t sell the chipped mug to us, because we could “cut our lip” on the chip and sue the store. Cue the eye roll. We got the one mug, but we’re still salty that we literally watched the manager throw the other mug away. Let us sign a waiver, ffs. Let me buy that mug! Note: if anybody has one of these mugs or knows where I can purchase one online, I’m willing to pay quite a bit to send it to my sister.

No-Show Socks/Liners. 


No, these aren’t exciting at all, but my general rule of thumb is $1/pair of basic socks. For whatever reason, these tiny barely-there socks are usually more expensive, even at places like TJM. This was a 7-pack for $6.99, and I desperately need more than two pairs of socks like these with the summer months coming.

“Group Pug” Crew Socks.

Being pug-sessed, when I found these crew socks I knew I needed them. Crew socks aren’t usually part of my style, but pugs definitely are.

Greige ankle booties


I almost didn’t buy these, as they were kind of expensive (retail: $99; sale: $44). But they fit me so well, were super cute, and, well, if Boyfriend says to go for them, I guess I must! I think they will be wonderful for the summer, as they are nice and airy without being sandals.

“Sister” shirts (two of them!!).

We found two shirts each to be “sister shirts.” They aren’t exact matches, but they are the same styles/cuts- just different colors! The first is this suede-feeling cross-back mauvey/blush-colored short-sleeve shirt. While I got the mauvey/blush color, I can’t 100% remember her color… just that she tried both on, and we both didn’t think this color looked great on her… but it did look great on me!

The second is a 3/4 sleeve soft shirt. She got an earthier-toned print (without the color blocks); I got this one with the color blocks.



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