Thankful Thursday // May 11, 2017

How long has it been since my last Thankful Thursday? Too long for sure! Let’s get into some of the things I am thankful for recently.

I am thankful for…

  1. Off-branded Severe Cold & Flu Medicine. You know- the stuff that says “Compare to Vicks DayQuil” (or NyQuil) but costs several dollars cheaper. While I don’t have the cold or the flu, as verified by several urgent care doctors, this stuff has been the one OTC medicine that has helped me sleep, breathe, and in general not die. Going through a serving every 4 hours (and yes, I will wake up when my last dose stops working) means a bottle only only lasts about 2 days, so the few dollars I’m saving really have been adding up.
  2. Boyfriend (specifically how loving and supportive he’s been while sick). He probably makes this list every time I do it, but there’s always something new he’s done or is doing thank makes me feel such gratitude. This time around, I want to focus on how supportive he is when I’m ill. He spent six hours- six- with an uncharged phone sitting with me at urgent care and the ER last Saturday, missing out on a graduation party for a friend. When I needed to go back to urgent care, he wasn’t angry- he was with me, again, the whole time. He always laughs when my family asks if he’s with me when I’m in an emergency or urgent care office. “No, I’m playing video games. Of course I’m here. Where else would I want to be?” He’s just so wonderful.
  3. Powerade Zero. I swear this list won’t focus only on sickness-related thankfulness, but I cannot express enough gratitude that this stuff exists. I hate water. Hate it. I hate it even more when I’m sick. But Powerade? I love Powerade. And when I’m able to hold down actual food, I don’t need the sugar and calories of normal Powerade. So thank you, Powerade Zero, for keeping me from going back to Urgent Care for another saline drip.
  4. Disney Emoji Blitz. Have you played this game before? If not, you should check it out. It’s essentially like Candy Crush, but Disney emojis. What I love is that, at most, it takes about 10 minutes at a time, and while you can re-play every hour or so, I never feel like I have to if I’m busy… but if I’m not, it’s such a nice way to pass the time and wait for something.
  5. Weather above 60F. Here in Helena, winter lasts quite a while. It’s now finally May, so it’s finally getting into real spring/summer. The weather has finally been consistently above 60 during the day, and that feels so, so amazing. I don’t have to bundle up just to get the mail! I can wear dresses again! I don’t need a thick winter jacket to take to work! I can’t tell you how thankful I am the weather is actually nice now.
  6. Several days off work. While I am grateful I had days off work when I was ill, I’m really talking about in general here. I am so thankful that I get 3 or 4 days off in a row, where I can actually get stuff done. I was able to spin quite a bit before I got sick thanks to my days off work, and now that I’m starting to feel better, I have four days off work, three of which will be spent visiting my parents.
  7. Positive vibes. It may be a bit meta to say I am thankful for those around me being thankful people, but I truly am. It’s so much easier to maintain a rosy outlook when those around you are smiling too!
  8. Tuna and other fish products. Because I don’t eat mammal meat, it’s often difficult for me to get enough protein and feel satiated. I’ve been really enjoying canned tuna lately- it’s affordable, easy to prepare, and delicious. Thank you, little tunas, for 
  9. Being able to see my sister. I know this was a couple weeks ago, but I cannot express enough gratitude that I could see her. We didn’t always get along, and we still don’t, but not being able to see her sucks most. When she went off to med school, the move was so sudden and I didn’t really get a good chance to see her off. Visiting her was a blast, and I really needed sister time!
  10. Being able to see my parents. Boyfriend and I are driving down tomorrow, and I couldn’t be more excited! It’s been over a month since I saw my family, and he’s gone several months without visiting them, too! I’m hoping it’s a relaxing weekend (and MAYBE he can have that long-awaited conversation with my dad)…

Come practice a lifestyle of gratitude with me and tell me something you’re thankful for this Thursday!


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