Unboxing // Beauteque BB Bag April 2017

Before I get into the unboxing, I wanted to update anybody who was a little curious or worried about my health lately. I went back to urgent care due to progressively worsening symptoms (terrible sore throat, violent hacking/coughing causing chest pain, etc). The nurse practitioner I saw gave me a work excuse, releasing me to work after my work week, telling me to just rest and give my body a chance to fight off whatever was going on. I was also prescribed a few medicines- first being a cough syrup with codeine (“No, you can’t work while taking this”) and then a z-pack (antibiotics) and prednisone (a steroid).

I’m currently doing okay. The codeine syrup is helping quite a bit with the pain associated with the coughing, but the severe cold and flu OTC medicine is helping most with reducing the cough overall. I’m unsure how much the prednisone is working- I can breathe better overall, but I can’t tell what medicine is doing what. My fever is also down to 99-100 (usually) with the medicine- so yay! I feel like I am definitely on my way to recovery (and hopefully I can pick up some extra shifts the next few weeks to help my bank account recover, too- so many bills!)

So, let’s get into what we’re all here for: unboxing my April 2017 Beauteque BB Bag!!

I’ve had Beauteque subscriptions before, but I’ve always gone with the Mask Maven subscription (9-10 masks per month, heavy focus on sheet masks). My sheet mask collection is quite large, and I simply don’t have the time most days to sheet mask, so I decided to try out the BB Bag subscription, which is $24/month ($72/3-month; no actual savings there).

This month, there was a slight delay, with my bag not being shipped out until the beginning of May. To make up for this, Beauteque is providing me (and other affected subscribers) 15% off next renewal. I have a 3-month sub, so assuming I take my next renewal, this will bring my next 3 months to $61.20 (down from $72), which is a decent savings. I’m okay with how they handled this, but I’m a little disappointed it took them until the end of April to let us know there was a problem.

The “bag” this month came packed up into a box. Okay. I’m not sure if this is typical packaging for this bag, or if this is just because one product didn’t fit into the bag for the month?

Once opened, the box actually looks decently packaged! I appreciate the tissue paper and sticker- it’s actually quite cute.

The bag itself this month is cute and minimal. It feels of good quality, is a good size (perfect for a few touch-up items), and best of all, is unbranded. It’s something I can definitely use day to day, and it does match my own personal style, too.

Now, onto the products:

  • Too Cool for School Dinoplatz Magic Wand for Lip & Eye Makeup Remover. I’ve looked at these before and considered purchasing, but they always seemed a little gimmicky and I was worried about sunk cost. I’m definitely interested in trying these out! Full size; 20 pieces. Retail value: $8.00. Lowest price found: $5.07
  • Mizon Water Volume Aqua Gel Cream. I’m always looking for a good moisturizer, especially with my dry skin. I’m almost out of my snail gel cream, so this will fit nicely into my routine once that’s gone. Full size; 45ml. Retail value: $13.99. Lowest price found: $10
  • A’Pieu Base Maker. They say “color may vary,” but I received #102 “bboyan.” It appears to be a basic white primer. Once you rub it in, the white cast does appear to disappear. It feels fairly thick, and it definitely has a baby powder/sunscreen smell; I wonder if that’s what this essentially is (a sunscreen). It has an SPF of 30 (also, PA++). Full size; 20g. Retail value: $8.99. Lowest price found: $3.67
  • Somang M Cerade Professional Texturing Hair Essence for Damaged Hair. I’m not sure I fully understand this product. What is a texturizing hair essence? It supposedly helps heal damaged hair by “restoring hair cortex and cuticle,” and it claims to “protect hair protein, inhibit hair deformation, make hair texture resilient.” My hair is not as damaged as it used to be, but with all the dye that goes into my hair, any extra protection is nice. Full size; 200 ml. Retail value: $17.99. Lowest price found: $9.99
  • Etude House Honey Jelly Lips Patch. I’ve received some lip patches before but haven’t actually used them- I’m always afraid I’m going to accidentally ingest the essence somehow and it’ll make me ill. This one is supposed to have honey, propolis, and royal jelly to extra-hydrate dry, chapped lips. I’ll update when I use this. One patch. Retail value: $4.99. Lowest price found: $1.72
  • Skin Food Nail Vita Essence. This is supposed to be a nourishing polish alternative, with keratin and vitamins to help restore nails and prevent them from breaking and cracking. I usually wear actual polish, but I’m interested in how this pearly cream shade looks with multiple coats. Full size, 10ml. Retail value: $7.99. Lowest price found: $0.92

Overall, I’m pleased with the items even if I’m not exactly excited by them all. When you add up the retail value listed on the info card, this $24 bag yields a value of $61.95, which is pretty good. However, if I were to purchase items at the lowest price I could find, it ends up being $31.37 (meaning probably around $35-40 with shipping). This is still a decent savings, especially when I consider the value of the actual bag itself, but I’m not wowed. I’m really excited to see what next month’s bag is, though!


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